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This article is biographical in nature and is intended to provide information about a player of Graal. It is likely to have been written by the player himself or another player, so expect some degree of bias. If you have something to add then please feel free to contribute it, but try to keep all content fair and do your best to ensure that your additions are not offensive or unreasonable. If you wish to discuss opinions about this player, use this player's Talk page.

Stephane Portha is the manager of GraalOnline. He manages the company hosting GraalOnline servers and making Graal software development, and is the Graal's highest-ranked staff, along with Stefan.

Staff Positions

Whilst Stefan leads Graal development and programming efforts, Stephane manages networking, staff and public relations. Stephane Portha also made the music of GraalOnline Classic.



[Stephane Portha Google+ page]


Stephane is very rarely found on Graal servers. The best way to contact him is through the Support Center or a GCC:PM

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