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Naithaniel is currently a member of the Global News Team and FAQ on the Gold server Graal Kingdoms.



Naithaniel Lionheart first started to play Graal Online with his [unidential] twin brother, Felix Lionheart, In December 2004 and soon after upgraded to a Gold status in January. Naithaniel is most commonly associated with the is well known among the community of Graal Kingdoms. The server that he has spent the majority of his time playing. Over the years he has greatly improved on his Graal Online Development skills, becoming a proficient graphics, gani and levels artist working for various different Server projects during his time on Graal Online, occasionally lending out his skill as a freelance developer or mentor.

Staff Experience

After playing Graal Kingdoms for several years, on March 2007 Naithaniel was approached by Sam, the Events Master Admin on Graal Kingdoms at the time and offered a position on the Graal Kingdoms Events Team which is a position which he help for a collective time of roughly 3 years following 3 separate stints as an Events Master.

On 20th of September 2008 Naithaniel was welcome into the Graal Kingdoms FAQ Team, under the Administration of Grirahan, a position which he held for a short few months before retiring to pursue a position on the Events Team again.

In 2009 the rules regarding multiple staff positions on Graal Kingdoms changed and Naithaniel was again hired as an FAQ this time under the Administration of Felix Lionheart, despite a short break from the Events Team in early 2010 Naithaniel served as both an Events Master and FAQ for over 2 more years until he resigned as a Events Master again in May 2011.

On 7th of December 2010 Naithaniel hired as a trial member of the Global News Team on the merit of his previous contributions to writing a previous news article for Graal Kingdoms, assisting with imagery used on the previous articles and his past experience in updating the Graal Bible. On 24th December 2011 Naithaniel was promoted to a full member of the Global News Team.

Current Projects

Name Location Position
Global News Team Global Global News Team Member
Graal Kingdoms Development Kingdoms Debug Pirate Development Team
Graal Kingdoms Staff Graal Kingdoms FAQ

News Team Contributions

-gallery of images made for the Global News Team shown down the banner to the right-

June 2011

  • June 25th - Bellview - Interview

-Write up and Interview only, image made by server owner, patrickp2p-

May 2011

  • May 28th - Graal Kingdoms - Spar Tournament
  • May 13th - Graal Kingdoms - Days of Events
  • May 8th - Graal Kingdoms - Zormite Victorious!
  • May 8th - Graal Kingdoms - The War is on: Zormite vs. Samurai!

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April 2011

  • April 13th - Graal News Twitter

March 2011

  • March 24th - Zodiac 1v1 ZTT Tournament

-Image Only-

January 2011

  • January 23rd - Atlantis - A sneak peak
  • January 16th - GraalOnline Era Skateboards

December 2010

  • December 25th - Merry Xmas from GraalOnline

-Image Only-

  • December 13th - Necromania
  • December 8th - Delteria - Graphics Submission Contest

-contributions Prior to becoming a Global News Team member-

October 2010

  • October 27th - Graal Kingdoms - Poker Tournament

January 2010

  • January 1st - Happy New Year from GraalOnline

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August 2010

  • August 19th - Graal Kingdoms - Skeleton Ambush

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August 2009

  • August 2nd - Graal Kingdoms Derby - The Final

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July 2009

  • July 6th - Noctorious Beta

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Crescent Pirates


Name: Naithaniel Lionheart
Family: Lionheart
Race: Human
Kingdom: Crescent Pirates
Kingdom Rank: Admiral
Home Town: Crescent Isle, Pirton
Class: Thief
God: DianCecht
Crew/Squadron: Tornado Squadron
Ship Name: The Válentine (Ts)



Naithaniel Lionheart joined the Crescent Pirates on the 10th of Feburary 2006. Under the guidance of his good friend Commadore Chris Steele he began to work his way up the naval ranks making quick progression to sailor, then gunner after displaying a good sense for sea battle during a few confrontations with the GNR (Golfy's Royal Navy). Shortly after he leaped from Gunner to Officer and then soon there after he was promoted to Captain, under the request of Captain Eric Polegato and invited to join the Tornado Squadron, a small select group of elite naval warfare specialist. Naithaniel served as a Captain for the Crescent Pirates for over 8 months before being appointed to the newly created position of Vice Admiral, under the leadership of Admiral Raziel Nasar. He served as Vice Admiral for just over a year before being promoted to Admiral by Governor Alan Steele on the eve of his retirement. Naithaniel held the position of Admiral until 22nd of May 2009 when he was given combined leadership of Crescent Pirates along with Cell Zakuto upon Governor Chris Wood retiring. Naithaniel spent just under a year as a Governor, serving until 21st of March 2010, stepping down and leaving Cell Zakuto as the sole leader of Crescent Pirates. Upon retiring for Governor, Naithaniel left the Crescent Pirates for a brief period to help his good friend Patrick Aldroth set up his affairs as the newly crowned Emperor of Zormite, obtaining a position as an Ambassador between Zormite Republic and the Crescent Pirates and going a long way to maintaining the long standing friendship between the Aldroth and Lionheart families. Naithaniel Soon returned to the Crescent Pirates and regained his old rank of Admiral, a position which he still holds to this day.


He can be found on Graal Kingdoms and Kingdoms Debug.