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  • October 27th - Era - DOUBLE POINT WEEK

  • October 16th - Unholy Nations - Tournament Championships

It appears that Unholy Nation has Weekly Tournaments... wait a second, you knew that already? Well, I guess you wouldn't like to know that Unholy Nation has brought back it's monthly spar tournaments, oh you do? Well, read on then!

Yes everybody, Unholy Nation appears to have brought back it's UTC! But don't worry though, tag teamers, the TTUTC is making a comeback as well!

For those who don't know what the UTC and the TTUTC is, they are the Unholy Tournament and Tag Team Unholy Tournament Championships, which will be held at 10 'o clock pm EST (Eastern Standard Time) for a chance to win amazing prizes of the following:

Winning the UTC will earn you a statue of you in your honour for becoming the champion of the tournament as well as a modest reward of event coins for your spending pleasure while those who win the tag team championship will win a hat ticket alongside event coins and statues waiting for those lucky winners.

Finally I would like to end this with some additional news of that there will also be tournaments for CTF (Capture the Flag) and TTP (Tag Team Pong) as well as Atomic FFA, which is a brand new form of tournament in which combatants will fight it out to the very last breathe with nothing but a sharpened blade, wit and of course about an unlimited supply of jolt bombs.

It also looks like those who just can't stop winning the sparring tournaments or just having a much bigger “spar rating” then the rest of you will also win a prize for simply winning the most tournaments in the month as well, so hopefully we'll see you on Unholy Nation for the spectacular tournaments we plan to host for you all!