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  • March 3rd - Graal Kingdoms - Day of the Sun


Every year the Cult of the Sun performs a ritual to bring warmth and life back to the barren, frozen world. Without performing the required rites, the world will be engulfed in an eternal sheet of ice and snow. Also during this time the Sun’s entity, the Bringer of the Sun transcends to earth from the heavens to lead the ritual. For the first half the ritual was carrying on impeccably with no interruptions. In the final moments of the ritual, the Bringer of the Sun is at its most vulnerable state. Nearly completing, we were ambushed by a powerful unknown force. Most of our priests and initiates were slain in an instant. Amidst the chaos, I laid eyes upon a power figure emitting an aura as powerful as the freezing winter itself. That’s when I knew who we were facing; The Vile Ice King and his legion of forgotten frost. The horrendous figure strikes down the Bringer of the sun in one fell swoop. Before losing consciousness, I see the entity taking something from the Bringer of the sun....

The event will run on Saturday, March 3rd between 0000 - 0300 Server Time. For more information please click here