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  • June 25th - Bellview - Interview


Bellview is a sim-based modern server where players will be expected to take good care of themselves. This means making sure they are well-fed, suffiently clean, and that their bowels are regularly evacuated. But it's not all about hand sanitizers and having three square meals a day. In this open world server, you can set your own goal. You may want to build your dream home, head up your own bussiness, or even just be the hype of the social scene; the ultimate goal is up to you.

I met up with Bellview's owner, Patrick (patrickp2p), to find out more about his ideas for the future of Bellview. For the full interview click here.

  • June 23rd - Zone Updates!


Current Updates:

  • A new GUI has been added to Zone, to give Zone a more tidy and even guide. The GUIs have been implanted into Zone, the GUIs contain, a new radar, weapon information (when your weapon is equipted), shop, terminal and classes.
  • New Weapons/Melee's have been added to the shops
  • Roll has been nerfed to 70% and mouse click has been removed.
  • Boxes are now enabled to place next to doors, bringing back Zone's minor laming gameplay back.
  • Nerfed weapons including; BFG11(changed to energy, less damage and more spread) Acidrifle (reduced the spread of the weapon)
  • Cookies have now been updated and can hold 10 Cookies instead of 2.

These may be a few minor updates, yet it really effects Zone, as the playercount is gradually rising. I'd also like to announce that there will be Events hosted throughout this week, so be sure to log into Zone and keep updated! You'll never know what were going to host off

Zone is currently hiring! Please view our forum thread: click here for details.

  • June 20th - Shaded Legend: Revival Project


Long ago, Shaded Legend was a world of great life. Hundreds of talented craftsman, they educated themselves about the art of collecting, and they were skilled in the many events they played in their offtime. Everything was bliss. But then...

There was nothing. And not even the heavens above dreamed there would ever be anything. Ever again.

Several years later, today, however, a brave man by the name of CujoDaMan can see that Creslik Village still had hope. He can see that Graal has been missing out on the wonders of the joyous land. Luckily for us, he has embarked on a quest to save the great land, but there is something in his way... Something dark, mysterious... Something horrible in every way... And he needs your help to extinquish it forever.

Luckily, life still goes on. Another courageous man called Skill is giving the few people left in Creslik Village a little break from the battle by hosting much needed events. Just remember, the fact still remains that there is terror abroad, and if you think you have what it takes to put a stop to it, log onto Shaded Legend today.

(Elite messengers were able to sneak into the village and contact Cujo for an interview. Click here for more information about the world of Shaded Legend.

  • June 10th - Europa


Europa is an upcoming server being managed by the very talented Vinka. It features two kingdoms in a constant state of war and some of the very best graphics on Graal. The server is currently open to the public and visitors.

I sat down with the very talented graphics and levels artist, Vinka, for an interview today. You can read it here.