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  • December 24th - Graal Kingdoms - Happy Holidays


Join us on Graal Kingdoms for fun festive prizes and events during this holiday season. More information here.

  • December 22nd - N-Pulse - Christmas Quest


On the 22nd of December, N-Pulse are holding a Christmas quest. The quest is set with challenaging puzzles complete and enemies to defeat. Brave adventures attempting this qest will not go unrewarded with a special Chirstmas item for those lucky enough to servive!

  • December 19th - Zodiac - Christmas 2009


Zodiac Halloween of 2009 was a great turnout and it was a special moment for the server itself. Now that Halloween has ended we are now moving on to the greatest of all Holidays, Christmas! We have released many Christmas weapons through bushes that drop presents. In those presents there are chances to gain Christmas Weapons of every class. We also have mounts ready for this wonderful Holiday, those will be released within this upcoming week through event giveaways! I hope you guys enjoy, it sure was fun making Christmas here on Zodiac!

-thanks, Zodiac Staff

  • December 18th - Graal Classic on iPhone App Store

IPhone News Image.png

From the makers of Graal came a new release yesterday; a special treat for iPod Touch/iPhone owners! Classic Graal for the iPhone is now available in the iTunes App Store for free!

The first release includes the classic player-killing style of sword work, bombs blowing and arrow shooting. If you're lucky enough to have an iPod Touch or iPhone, check it out today! More will be in store for the future.

IPhone News Strip.png

For more information, visit this thread.

To view the application on the iTunes App Store, click here.

  • December 13th - Unholy Nation - Holiday Events


Unholy Nation is planning to release a handful of events for the Holidays. From skiing, to present exchange, you can expect a fun time.

The winter tileset has also been enabled, and pretty snowflakes are falling from the sky. Enjoy! ~UN Staff

  • December 3rd - Preview: Armageddon

Armageddon is the preview server for December. It is a classic server that has the goal of bringing back good, classic fun to graal, along with new things. Guild events, Solo events, and quests are the main focus on this server. The server is looking to hire people for most of the development areas including a Graphics Artist, Graal Animator, Level Designer, and Scripter. to Apply for a position please contact either Decus or Cyril, or visit the Armageddon website here.


  • November 26th - Graal Kingdoms - Winter Is Here!


  • November 24th - Graal Kingdoms - Triathlon


The Graal Kingdoms triathlon will be held on Sunday, the 29th of November at 22:00 Server-time. If you wish to join the triathlon, please post your graal account name in this thread or send a forum pm to smokeraider. Triathlon will consist of three different races over the course of event including kart race, horse race, and a boat race. For more information about this event click here.

  • November 13th - Unholy Nations - Voting House

The new voting house has been introduced to the Town Center! The voting house will be used to gather statistics on developmental and other general subjects related to Unholy Nations and will assist staff members to collect player opinions to help aid development and progress on the server. Remember, without you, the polls are nothing! So vote!

  • November 1st - Preview: Graal Legacy

Graal Legacy has become the preview server for the month of November. Along with the friendly staff, there are challenging quests, fun NPCs, and very fun events on this Classic style server. Another interesting part of this server is the plan for a guild island. The guild island will be based around only guilds and this will strengthen the strong sense of community. Graal Legacy has also released Halloween effects, such as falling leaves and the staff are planning for Thanksgiving too!
Graal Legacy is also hoping to hire all forms of development staff such as scripters, graphics artists, level artists, animations artists, and sound effects staff members.


  • October 31st - Zone Halloween

Zone has released the flashpistol on Zone to trials and gold players. The flashpistol shoots Halloween bats and was created by Codein and we adjusted the power and freezetime slightly. For those of you familiar with the gravitron, the weapon is quite similar to that in terms of the spread of bullets. Hallogrenades and greengrenades have been released, as well as the pumpkinrifle, and ghostrifle.
Halloween effects have been added to all dropships, and the effects were minimized on the spar dropship to avoid disrupting gameplay.

  • October 27th - Unholy Nations Halloween 2009!


Happy Graaloween!

Unholy Nation is proud to announce the opening of the Halloween themed town, Evenvale, for an entire week.

Starting on October 30th, the town will open up shy north of Tumantra (at the south eastern part of the overworld).

In the town will be the winning hats from the hat competition, fun events, shops, and much more. Come on and join in the festivities.

You know you want to. ~Unholy Nation, Staff team

  • October 24th - N-Pulse Halloween 2009!

N Pulse Halloween 10 24 2009.png

This year's Halloween on N-Pulse is filled with fun events, new toys and NPCs, and some awesome prizes. Over the days leading up to Halloween, look forward to PK festivals, pumpkin hunts, costume contests, and more! Visit here to find more information and get in on the Halloween fun!

  • October 18th - Zodiac Halloween 2009!

The Zodiac staff team always tries to celebrate important holidays, but this year the Zodiac staff have created one of the biggest halloween updates in the past few years. New Halloween weapons and dungeons have been created and on top of that, a new race has been created as well.


The dungeons will be open until Thanksgiving (November 26th) and the new weapons will drop in those dungeons. In addition to the race and dungeons, there will also be events held on Halloween. The events will be during the day and night of Halloween and will feature the winnings pumpkins from the graphics competition.

  • October 17th - Era's Graaloween 2009!
Era Graaloween 2009 10172009.png

Carve out your pumpkins and toss 'em on your head, because Graaloween has come to Era!

Over the next few days and weeks leading up to Halloween, we'll be holding events and releasing some new and fun prizes for this season! We've also switched over to the autumn tileset and trees, which is a nice change in scenery after a long summer.

For more information, see the forum post!

  • October 6th - Playerworld Previews - October


As October begins the playerworld preview is refreshed with two new servers to explore.


Graal Ghetto is a modern style server that offers many of the features and system you'd expect from a modern server, however they are in need of Graal Animation staff as well as staff in other areas to help with the project.


Zenox is an rpg style server with a unique style of graphics and tiles. Development on the main systems are going strong with monsters that use path finding and a fully functional party and movement system. Zenox is in need for Levels Designers, Graphic Artists and Graal Animation staff to help the project.

If you think your server is ready for Novembers preview please contact the Playerworld Administration Team through the support center or for more information on playerworld previews click here. The discussion for Octobers preview can be found on the Graal Communication Center here.

  • October 3rd - Era Gang Wars

Era Gang Wars 1032009.png

On Saturday, October 3rd, gangs on Era competed with eachother for bragging rights and ECs. The gangs (Black Holst, Blazian Bandits, Los Carteles, and Tachi) competed in a King of the Hill event to decide who would face off in the final Team Deathmatch event. Los Carteles won the KoTH with 1000 points, and Blazian Bandits came in second with approximately 850 points.

LC and BB finished off with a Team Deathmatch event, of which Blazian Bandits was the victor. Congratulations to all of Era's gangs for their participation on this event, and we look forward to hosting more of the same events soon.

  • October 1st - Era Gang Event

Era Gang Event 1012009.png

On Saturday, October 3rd at approximately 4:30 PM EST, Era will hold a series of gang events involving all four of Era's gangs: Black Holst, Los Carteles, Tachi, and Blazian Bandits.

Events will range from King of the Hill to Team Deathmatch, so, gang leaders, come prepared!

Note that gangs will need at least 8 members online in order to participate.


  • September 28th - Era - Spar System Updates

Era Updates 9282009.png

The Era staff team has recently released a new spar complex. The new spar complex features leaderboards, trophies, personal stats, and champions. Log on Era and visit the Spar Complex to try out the new spars!

  • September 20th - Graal Kingdoms - Ship Marathon

Gknews 9 16 09.png

This Sunday, September 20th, at 6:00 PM EST contestants will be challenged to race around the kingdom islands.

The swiftest on the high seas will get a grand prize to celebrate their victory. Be sure to take part, prepare some time, and study your sea charts. Who knows, you might be expected to navigate some rivers along the way.

The race authorities have decided to hold a test race after the main race. This race will have small prizes and is intended to experiment with races where combat is allowed. The results will be use to improve future events.

  • September 11th - Graal Kingdoms - Iscariot's Birthday Spar


Around 17:00 server time, on September the 15th. There will be a ladder style spar on Graal Kingdoms with grand prizes in celebration of Iscariot's Birthday. Come join in the fun and win yourself a Birthday treat! Please come early to register. For more details click here.

  • September 10th - Playerworld Previews

Playerworld previews allow under construction playerworlds to apply for the hosted servers section as a preview status for approximately 30 days. Hosted playerworlds have enough content and development for at least 2 hours of gameplay, however the preview playerworlds are still under heavy development and are barely playable being aimed towards the development community in an effort to gain developmental support for the servers.

The first server to be released for preview is the long awaited Maloria which has been under development to improve the quality and production of the playerworld.

If you think your server qualifies please contact the Playerworld Administration Team through the support center or for more information on playerworld previews click here.

  • September 7th - Zodiac Updates

Zodiac has been anything but quiet lately. While Zodiac's V2 updates have slowed down, there have still been some releases on Zodiac. Random events are being hosted off for the new Avenger class, and the Lumina Rod and the Feral rod have also been hosted off. The lumina rod and the feral rod don't drop, but they are planned in the next update to the pyramid, so be prepared!


  • September 4th - Graal Kingdoms Ranging Event


There's a new kind of spar coming to town this Sunday at 6:00 PM EST. In the past it's been a little bonus at the end of larger spars but now it's the main attraction! It's time for the archers of the land to grab their bows and crossbows, shake off the dust, ready their arrows, and prepare for a ranged battle.

  • September 1st - Global Development Team

The Global Development Team is an official group of GraalOnline developers focusing efforts towards development areas providing resources and documentation to improve the quality and standards of Graal development. In addition the Global Development Team will also provide information and support for all developmental questions either on the GraalOnline forums and at the IRC channel #graaldt on

If you are interested in joining or want more information on the duties and responsibilities of the Global Development Team click here.


  • August 30th - Zenox Updates


The unique classic styled server, Zenox, is progressing quickly. Of the completed systems, the item system's inventory is complete. The inventory is fast and unlimited, and the SQL item database is working well! The item database works by allowing for a weapon to be dropped by dragging the item in the inventory to the place on the ground you wish to lay it down.

Not only are just the inventory systems and multiple events complete, but the mining system, and buying and selling system is finished too. The buying and selling system allows you to buy and sell items by dragging the item you wish to buy or sell to the appropriate image. If you wish to buy an item, you have to grab the item or click the image of the item you wish to buy.

The custom baddy system is working well. The baddies can steal items from players, if the player has enough of an item. If more than one player fights a monster, the experience is given based upon the damage dealt by each player. There is also a drop rate of the items a baddy can drop.

Zenox is also searching for level artists, graphics artist, and animation artists to help complete the server. If you are interested, please speak to an administrator of Zenox.

  • August 30th - Zenkou Awakens


Zenkou has taken the initiative and gone forth to materialize some of the most interesting ideas on Graal. Currently visible are the Graphical User Interface (GUI), originally scripted in GS1 before the release of Graal 3 and the use of GuiControls. It is unique in that it snaps to objects, is draggable, and acted like windows in a window, before it was so easily done. The soon-to-come GUI v4 will be scripted in it entirety in GS2 and will use the new engine to its full potential in making a complex script, as one might imagine it might be, into something more functional and compact.

Zenkou is proud to present its up-and-coming attraction, simply referred to as "the battle system." It is a turn-based system resembling that of Final Fantasy, and employs an algorithm in determining the order on a basis of speed. The system is functional and is in the final development stages before being released into the public.

A very interesting aspect of the game is the ability to change one's outfit using the Outfit tool, which allows you to preview, save, and delete any outfit that one might want to use. The server does not use the old characteristic-changing method found in other servers' "Taylor" systems, but rather displays it graphically. Mouse-Control.

Zenkou is revolutionary in that most of the server can be controlled by mouse click-and-drag. There is not a server out there that can brag the same mouse-control as Zenkou.

  • August 30th - N-Pulse New Content Development


For those of you who are unaware, we are still at work on an expansion of N-Pulse called N-Pulse Rebirth, which has long been under development and is finally nearing time for the initial stages of closed beta testing. To prepare for this we have moved all of the Rebirth content from our Debug server to our Main server. Though it has not been released publicly, we will be gradually working to finalize what we need to begin actual testing.

Over the next couple weeks, as more and more content is finalized and ready for closed beta, we will be doing testing with a group of closed beta testers. Those who will be in this group are yet to be determined. If you are interested in testing contact any of our management for information on how to apply.

As we prepare for this stage of development we are looking to hire a few more developers to help. If you feel that you are capable of producing high-quality content, and are active enough to participate in our development, you may apply for any of these positions:

  • Scripters (2 positions available)
  • Level Designer (1 position available)
  • Graphic Designers (2 positions available)
  • Effects (Includes Audio, Particle Engine, and Graal animation; 2 positions available)

Lastly, our forum is still active! Register today and beat the high arcade scores, or claim achievements which can help you in-game. Subscriptions are available for the latest N-Pulse information, and your own guild page on the site! Visit

For any further information on any of this; you may contact in-game or by e-mail:

  • Chang (DesolateRestriction) -
  • Kay (dubby230)
  • Kez (The_Kez) -

-N-Pulse Staff

  • August 30th - Graal Kingdoms Magic Spar


The fighters have had their day and now it is time for a new type of warrior to enter the ring. It is time for something bigger, more powerful, and more flashy. It is a time for magic.

Mages will come from across the land to compete for the prize in a magic spar that's been designed to test one's skills and strategies.

The denizens of the land are invited to come and take part or to spectate this event. Show up and watch the fireworks fly as we see who really knows how to wield magic. Bring your appropriate gear to the battle on Sunday, at 6:00 EST.

  • August 27th - Graal Kingdoms Soccer Match - Dustari Vs Crescent Pirates


Dustari got off to a quick start by scoring 3 unanswered goals within the first 4 minutes of the match. The Crescent Pirates battled back with a flurry of goals to win the first half 6:5. Dustari got off to another flying start in the second half scoring 4 goal in quick succession despite the Crescent Pirate attack managing to bring the game to a close 12:10, Dustari managed to catch another 2 goals to ruin any chance of a come back. The final score for the match was 14:10 to Dustari.

  • August 22nd - Graal Kingdoms - Spar Tournament


This Saturday comes one of the best events in the Kingdoms. A good old fashioned sparring tournament. This Saturday at 6:00 PM EST people will gather from all the islands to pit their strength and skill against one another in a brutal fight for a great prize.

  • August 17th - Era Support Center

Era's staff team have released a new in-game Support Center! This is to resolve the complaints of the unanswered PMs, problems unsolved, etc. This will hopefully help ensure that questions directed towards staff members are answered quickly.

Along with the support center comes the removal of FAQs, and the switch from GP to Player Relations staff. You can contact the Player Relations team for both FAQ and police-related problems. The reason for the switch is because they will be doing more than just "police" work, and "Player Relations" is much easier to identify as someone who is there to help than "GP".

To open the Support Center click F11 on your keyboard and this box will appear.


You can report any GP related information but you can also report things such as.

  • Bug reports
  • Complaints about staff or development
  • Ideas and suggestions
  • Problems with gangs/businesses
  • Any other problem that requires real attention
  • FAQ

Discussion about this new Support Center is here.

  • August 16th - Atrius News

After a long journey, Atrius is preparing for an even larger step. Atrius plans to apply for Classic and would love support from the community. Many new exciting features have been added, and a few of these ideas include armies, helicopters and tanks. Other interesting additions are businesses and the release of over 25 weapons, 30 new outfits, and 10 new events.


We hope you will enjoy our work, but the only way to enjoy our work is by checking Atrius out. Atrius isn't done, since the journey from hosted to classic isn't easy. Atrius also is looking to hire one scripter, two graphic artists, two level designers, and two Graal animation artists. If you are interested in applying, please speak to TheJames (Manager). We hope to see you on Atrius, and hope to have your support with our classic venture!

-Atrius Staff Team

  • August 16th - Era - Battle of the Bands II

Era BoB2.png

Now the third time you've seen this stage on the news, by now you know there's only one thing that can be happening: Era's hosting another Battle of the Bands! On Sunday, August 16th at 3:00 PM EST, the Comic Club will play host to a contest of rock 'n roll skill, the likes of which have been seen only once before. Free admittance will be granted to those arriving before 3:00, so be sure you're in and seated early! Players can begin signing up near the event house, renting instruments at the Comic Club, and rocking out in the practice rooms immediately!

  • August 15th - Graal Kingdoms Monster Siege: Skeleton Crew


The monsters have lost their riches and are now angry for revenge. Spies have detected several ships flying the Jolly Roger approaching the Crescent Pirates. The bad news is these aren't pirates. The ships are manned by skeletons, and lots of them. Ghost ships if you will.

They'll be in pirate waters Saturday at 5:00 PM EST, 6:30 if there's bad weather. Skilled adventurers will be need to sail the seas and intercept these ships while the less experienced guard the shores against the few that make it through.

Sinking these ships are a bad idea. These skeletons are -supposed- to be highly trained but they don't seem to have been using their training brutals. There should still be several of them lying around in the holds.

  • August 9th - New Zone Outfits


New heads and bodies have been added to the Zone outfit selectors. Along with the new heads and bodies, we are announcing an event for this coming weekend! Saturday, August 15th, there will be an event hosted by MagikMasterMind. More information about the event will be posted during the week in this thread.

  • August 7th - Graal Kingdoms Monster Siege: The Wealthy Dungeons

G2k2news08 07 2009.png

Not very many people know what's going on. Monsters are amassing for a series of gigantic attacks. They are tired of being kicked around. They long for the days when the meteor first crashed and they chased the kingdoms off to their puny islands. Now they seek to bring the war to them.

The preparations have been kept secret, out of public eye. Only a few adventurers have been enlisted to help learn of their plans, but now they move in larger forces and the prizes of victory are on the rise.

Even monsters need wealth to fund a war. It's been discovered where they're keeping the treasury. Now everyone who's interested is enlisted in the war effort to raise up arms and strike them where it hurts. Be there on Saturday, August 8th at 5:00 PM EST.

  • August 3rd - Zodiac V2 Updates


Zodiac's staff team is still working hard. The version 2 updates are showing excellent progress and the server is continually improving. Not only have the new item system and quest system been completed, but the game formulas have been modified to be easier to understand and the Prestiege classes have been removed. Equipment slots have been added and improvements have been made to Zodiac's core systems. Another notable change is the new image for the HUD, and, of course, the new graphical interfaces for many of the core system scripts, such as Trade, Shops, etc. More information about the Zodiac V2 progress can be found on the forums.

  • August 2nd - Graal Kingdoms Derby - The Final


The final of the 2009 Graal Kingdoms Derby was a success with many of the people taking part having great fun but especially for the three winners. Storm Leonhart blow away the competition racking up 80 points over the 6 races with Craigus close behind gaining 40 points. The third place goes to Felix Lionheart with only 30 points gained.


  • July 31st - Graal Kingdoms Derby


This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday the first ever Graal Kingdoms Derby will be hosted! Over the course of these three days two horse races will be hosted per day, each race will consist of five laps around the track on events island. The first three across the finish line will receive ranking points for the race, First place, fifteen points, second place ten points, and third place five points. At the conclusion of the weekend's races the points will be added up and a winner will be crowned!

Also we will be accepting bets on each race, the money will be put into a cumulative pot, the pot will be divided up among the those who chose the winner correctly. Also, there will be a one time only chance, at the begining of the first race, to place bets on who sweeps the series! 10% of the bets from each single race will be added to the final pot and the winners will take home quite a jackpot!

The first race will be held at 21:00 GMT each day and the second at 23:00 GMT each day.

  • July 23rd - Zone Updates


As the image made by our GFX staff shows, Zone has had a large set of updates today.

- A new Iricia base selection system has been added which allows you to choose a base to spawn to. You can spawn to any base that your team currently controls.

- In addition to the base selection system, a focus system has been implemented on the sparring planet. The system makes it easier to focus on certain parts of the sparring planet.

- The last update (and the largest one) is the new squads system. The squads system allows players to create squards or join their friends' squads (much like guilds). Squads can also participate in certain events together.

All throughout this weekend, there will be events on Zone. A special event will be held on Saturday at 12:00 EST (17:15 server time) by Donark for a twinblade.

  • July 21st - Account Security

Anyone who has recently used illegal third-party software such as trainers, hacks, or bots on GraalOnline have put their computer and personal security at risk. Some of these programs may contain keyloggers or botnet clients used to access your GraalOnline account. We would like to stress that this threat will compromise computer and personal security not just GraalOnline accounts and you should take security measures to solve the problem. For more information [Click here].

  • July 19th - AEON - Opan Beta Application


We've been making some great progress on AEON over the last few weeks, and we are pleased to announce that our modern world, Opan, is ready for a closed beta test. At this time we have already issued invitations to some of our longtime players to test Opan, but we are still looking for more testers. Trial and classic accounts are more than welcome to apply, since we would also like feedback from non-gold players

The application for beta tester can be found here. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Napo (*napo_p2p) or Hatred (*Hatred89). We hope to see some of you on soon!

-AEON Management

  • July 19th - Graal Kingdoms - Dustari Challenge


Dear King Craigus Eldridge of Dustari

We, The Pirates of the Crescent Isle, challenge Dustari to a core battle on Sunday the 19th of July 2009 at 21:00 GMT on Graal Kingdoms. Awaiting confirmation from King Craigus before proceeding.

Thank you


Retired Governor Felix Lionheart of the Crescent Pirates

  • July 15th - Dementia mining!


We now have a basic mining system and a mineral shop in the west to sell your stones to. Everybody starts with the pick axe, and minerals are all around the outside of OSL. Also, we have a simple little hat shop where you can spend the hard earned gold you have just made.


Come check it out, and contact Latte by or online if you are interested in a developer job.

  • July 14th - Zodiac V2 Updates and New Tutorial!

ZodiacV2img.PNG Zodiac's Staff are currently working on the next version, so far they're completing the base of the Server, including systems such as the Inventory (Q), Status (W), Equipment (R), Basic PvP Combat, a New Boat System, and much more!

When the base is complete they will begin announcing new planned features, and look to the community for talented Level Makers, and Graphic designers to help make Zodiac V2 shine! To keep in touch with Zodiac's V2 updates Click Here!

Also, a new Tutorial has been released. "This is our first step in making Zodiac more newbie-friendly, as it teaches a couple fundamentals of Graal and Zodiac. Most of which should come naturally after button-mashing for menus but it's all nice, spelled out and mandatory." Said Jerret, a developer of Zodiac.

  • July 13th - Dementia Needs Help!


Dementia has been completely rebuilt. Currently we have a few levels, a few NPC, and some graphics. We plan to build a real time battle system, with custom stats, magic, weapons, wild enemies you can capture, and so much more! Check us out! Contact Latte if you are interested in a staff position, either in game, or by e-mail, We are not yet hiring FAQs, GPs, or Events team yet, so please be patient!

  • July 9th - Delteria Spar Tournament

Delteria's overworld and kitcsh returned along with the (DST) Delterian Spar Tournament. Each Wednesday night, starting at 11 PM EST, the DST will be held. Winners of the tournament will receive a statue in the Delterian Spar Complex. Of the over 50 players online, 34 players participated and only one won the tournament. Congratulations to Chance Mercy (Veracity) for victory in the tournament on Wednesday!


Along the side of the Delterian Spar Tournament, the Delterian Tag Team Spar Tournament is planning to make a return. The Delterian Tag Team Spar Tournament will begin at 11 PM EST on Monday the 13th of July. The first calls for the event will begin at 10:45 PM EST. Good luck to the teams that participate!

  • July 9th - Graal Kingdoms - Monster Siege Part 1


There's a letter. It was dropped by a Skelly. Hm... it's pretty garbled and torn up. Only one thing can be made out from the mess, "... we will attack..."

Sounds ominous enough doesn't it? We need adventurers to strike out and slay monsters by the ton. We need to discover what their plans are. Where are they going to attack, what are they going to do?

This Sunday at around 5:00 server time I should have an idea on where there are some monsters hiding out. If you're there I'll send you off to recover more plans. Each piece you bring back will win you an event coin. Maybe then we'll learn what they're doing.

  • July 7th - Graal Kingdoms - Quarter 3


Quarter 3 has arrived on Graal Kingdoms. Find more information here.

  • July 6th - Noctorious Beta


Noctorious is a modern themed server with many of the same features you'd expect from a modern server, however the the staff team has paid great attention to detail brining a unique style of design to the server. The public beta testing is from Monday the 6th until Monday the 13th of July giving a glimpse of what's to come.

Notorious is looking for Scripters, Level, Graphic, and Gani Artists to help with the development project. For more details [Click here].


  • July 5th - Unholy Nation Pets!

Hi guys! Sunday at 5:00 PM EST we will be having an open beta testing of the newest system on it's way to Unholy Nation. We have been slaving over it for two weeks, and are excited to get the final product public! You guessed right, it's the future pet system!


Just be ready to log onto Unholy Dev and have fun. The main objective is to evaluate the stress this system will have on the server when we have a large group of players using it at a time. There will be a thread on our own UN forums system (and the GraalOnline forums) for your opinion of the system.

Keep in mind this is the beta! So what you're seeing isn't the finished product. Thanks!

~Streety/UN Team

  • July 4th - Zone 4th of July

Thanks to the Zone staff for the 4th of July updates. Flags were added to the bases, cookies were temporarily enabled with a limit of two, and the jetpack flames were changed to be red, white, and blue. Thanks in particular to Minomato and Novice for their contributions to allow these updates to happen. More updates will come soon! Have a happy 4th of July!



  • June 30th - Rum Runner!


It is a dark day indeed on Graal Kingdoms. The mighty rum reserves have dried up and even the bottom of the barrel is getting parched.

It's up to the hardworking, honest citizens of the Crescent Pirates to ship more, life giving alcoholic ambrosia to the Misty Mug Tavern before anyone suffers from being sober.

This will be a multi-way ship fight on Sunday, July 5th, 22:20ish server time or about 1:00 PM EST. It's been done once before and this time the rules are revised to make the entire event more fun and less one-sided.

Players can choose their own teams between 2 and 4 people each. One team will be designated the "Rum Runner" team and will be given a unique name barrel to put in the hold of their ship. With handicaps, they need to sail from Crescent Pirate island to the docks outside of Misty Mug tavern without being either sunk, or having their rum stolen. All the other teams try to steal it without sinking the Rum Ship.

On Wednesday a detailed list of rules will be posted on the forums. Please read them if you are interested. This event is complicated and takes a lot of effort to try to make it fair for everyone.

  • June 23rd - Triple Bash Spar Tournament


Come take part in the GK's Triple Bash Spar Tournament. There will be three consecutive spars. One melee, one magic, and one ranged.

These three fights will be taking place Saturday, June 27th. It will start early in the afternoon EST time.

If you're unable to take part, at least cheer on your buddies. Because the melee and magic spars are paired up by level and overall capability, most participants can expect a chance to advance through at least one spar. Make sure you show up on time though. Setting up pairs is difficult and the later you are, the more likely you are to get mismatched, if you can get matched at all.

The winner of the melee tournament will receive a Flaming Ice Dagger. The winners of the magic and ranged tournaments will receive the expected event coins, plural. There will be bonus prizes for winning each battle to make it more fair for everyone.

  • June 22nd - Dementia: The Daemen Are Coming

Dementia 22june2009.png

Dementia is a new server being developed with a unique concept lead by Tiders the Owner and the Lead Developer R0bin. The server has many interesting features that are currently in development such as the statistics and experience systems which is almost complete and ready for release with battling system in major redevelopment due to be released with a fully operational interface. Dementia is planned lightly on the GBA Pokemon games with a large amount of graphics for Daemen, the servers version of Pokemon. These Daemen were created by the Graphics Admin Seph and the hard working Graphics Team with a wide range of graphics and styles for the Daemen.

Dementia is looking for Levels Artists, Scripters, Graphics Artists, Sound Effects and Gani Artisits to help with the project.

Please contact Tiders on or find him in game.

  • June 21st - Delteria - A link to the Past


Fire up the Wayback Machine, because while you're waiting for the new Delteria Project you can log onto the current server to get a taste of what the server used to be like! The old world map has been restored, bringing its old events, weapons and arenas with it. To play on the old Delteria just fire your 'Timewarp' weapon and you'll go straight back in time.

Keep an eye out for further updates on the development project in the future.

  • June 14th - Unholy Nation Receives Horses


Unholy Nation has received an update of horses being re-added to the server, as well as enabling pause again on the overworld. See you at the town barn!

  • June 13th - Zone Updates

Zone has been updated today to prevent against base laming and to make game play more interesting. On Iricia, if your base is under attack you now will spawn randomly on your team's side of the map. The change to make game play more interesting was to show how much health is taken when you attack an opponent and how much experience you gain when you kill someone.


  • June 3rd - Spawn

Welcome to Spawn.PNG

A few days ago, Nat had an interview with Mog about Spawn, here's how it went.

Nat: Good Morning Mog. I'm going to ask you some questions about the hosted Playerworld of Spawn. Have in mind that this conversation will be posted on the Graal News.

Mog: ok

Nat: What is your Staff position at Spawn?

Mog: developer

Nat: Ok. Tell me about the beggining, what were the first ideas you had to make this playerworld?

Mog: the server was already on hosted status before I came onboard. Considering the fact that I am banned everwhere else, I had nowhere to go except underdeveloped playerworlds and two of the hosted servers. When I logged into Spawn one day, I was asked if I wanted to help out. Eventually, I accepted and started right in finishing up scripting projects and working on new ones. Spawn is meant to be a futuristic city with high-tech weapons and vehicles. Newer ideas are being implemented and I am currently working on a few projects there.


Nat: Intresting, so what is the current status towards being able to join the Classic Tab? How is the relation with the PWA?

Mog: I would to say that the current state of what Spawn is at now, was mainly due to hard work and dedication. With all of our hard working busy staff on the server now, it could take some time before something like going to Classic status would be realized. As far as the relations with PWA's, we have represented ourselves professionally and show a great deal of commitment, otherwise we wouldn't have made it to hosted status in the first place.

Nat: Looks like the wind is in your favor. Now tell me exactly what can we see on Spawn? Wich is the content?

Mog: Spawn in general is undergoing some major changes. Currently, I am the only active scripter on the server capable enough to do what it is we need to have done. As a developer, I have implemented a few of my own ideas to build right into the heart of Spawn. Some of these new ideas implemented by me, unfortunately can't be shared at this time publicly; however at the current state of what Spawn is in now, we have a huge overworld, which can be fully explored. There's also a few misc. shops around, some mini quests and my favorite, whack a mole.

Nat: Yeah, I've played that =P. We can certianly expect more similar quests and alot of new content, I support your work :). Thanks Alot for your time Mog.

Mog: You can certainly expect lots of updates coming soon. Thank you for your time

  • June 1st - Atrius: World At War

Atrius World At War.png

It's time for war on Atrius, and it's up to you to decide which side you're fighting for. With seven different classes (Infantry, Gunner, Medic, Scout, Demo Expert, Tank Operator, and Pilot) each having their own special abilities, you're sure to make a unique difference for the side you pick. The server is currently under development, but is on the Hosted Tab so you can check it out.

There is currently an open discussion on the forums regarding the server, click here for more information.


  • May 30th - Quizzing Graal Kingdoms


On Saturday, May 30th, Drakeero will be hosting a special quiz for Graal Kingdoms. This is a pattern guessing quiz and everyone gets a chance to win. If you're good, you can even win more then once. The patterns will start off easy and then get more difficult as the day progresses. At the end there will be a grand prize for whoever can guess the hardest pattern of them all.

  • May 27st - Picture Perfect on Graal Kingdoms


Over the weekend players were busy posing for the picture perfect moment! The event consisted of several teams of players taking pictures of every day activities on Graal Kingdoms. The team with the best picture won some diamonds and other prizes.

Make sure you're on this weekend to be a part of the action!

  • May 24th - Black and White Graals

Black and whitegraals.png

Classic is pleased to announce the release of the Black and White Graals. Long thought to just be a folk legend passed down from player to player, these mysterious artefacts are steeped in magical power. The Black Graal grants its owner an unlimited supply of ammo; the white Graal blesses it's owner with the ability to heal any wounds, bypassing any healing restrictions. Be warned though that there is only one of each Graal available; if you want them, you'll have to hunt down and kill the existing owners.

Happy hunting.

  • May 21st - Mr Guess Visits Graal Kingdoms


A mystical wizard named Mr Guess is visiting Graal Kingdoms for a few days to play his favourite game. He can be found on the main islands including the start and Hotaru islands waiting for brave adventurers to track him down. Once found Mr Guess will give you 3 chances to guess his number between 1 and 200 before he inconveniently teleports to a new location. Those lucky enough to guess successfully will receive a reward and be entered into a special event for the chance to win a rare item after Mr Guess has departed from Graal Kingdoms.

Good Luck!

  • May 17th - Recent Updates on Maloria

Recent Updates:

  • Main Island has gotten a huge facelift, and it's not long until the entire island will have gotten a whole new look while sticking to the original layout of it.
  • A lot of graphics have been improved, and there's more to come of it!
  • Rain, Snow and Thunder effects have all been fixed up and had their lag issues fixed. (apparently it's not a good idea to constantly stack emitter modifiers!)
  • Wind has existed in the background a long time, but it has now gotten a visual effect to increase the effect of weather.
  • Weather in general has had a revamp to behave more realisticly.
  • Torches and leaves are affected by wind. Torches are also affected by rain.
  • Player data storage have been converted from .arc files to SQLite database.
  • Skill system has been completed, players can now properly add skill points upon level up.
  • Boats are finished, you can currently rent them south of main house. Two players can use the same boat at once.
  • Respawn system have been added, you now spawn at the nearest respawn point instead of spawning at the main house.
  • Crafting have been somewhat completed, yet to be implemented though.

We would be able to produce a lot more gameplay content, but we're in desperate need of someone capable of creating quality ganis, as we currently have no one on the team who feel capable of doing them.

We could also very much use another level creater, but it's not as vital for our progress.

  • May 16th - Graal Kingdoms Event


On Sunday around 2:00 EST a big sparring event called the Triple Bash will be held.

The triple bash tournament has been popular in the past and challenges the combatants to exceed in the three areas of melee, magic, and ranged.

This event is obviously more fun with alot of people so make sure you at least come by to check it out.

If enough people show up, it will be a tournament with ladder like progression and mini-prizes for each round you advance through until the prizes for each event.

  • May 12th - Graal Ghetto Returns

The modern themed server known as Graal Ghetto is making a gracious return, bringing back its old popular elements and a few new ones too! With its businesses, player houses, gang warfare, and huge selection of guns and melee weapons, there is a lot of engaging content for you to explore. Being a private server however it is still heavily under development, but there's already a budding community so come by and check it out for yourself!

If you're interested in helping develop the server, contact Shadow the Manager or any of the administrators for further information.

Graal ghetto small.png

  • May 10th - Zone Updates

In addition to new hairs and bodies added to the outfit terminals, new events team commands were added which allow for new types of events.

An example of one of the new types of events is when the first person to achieve 25 kills on Iricia wins a prize. Bigtime008 was the winner of the first of many of these events.

On top of all of that, a new part of the news system was created and added today! The news system now displays who has gotten the most kills within the last hour.

  • May 5th - Something Fishy At Seaport

This Saturday (May 9th), @ 6:30 PM (EST), Unholy Nation will be releasing the first of Seaport's brand new content. Stop by to pick up your fishing rod to try your angling luck at the brand new job system. Also, check out the Aquarium while you're in town! All will be located in Seaport, and information will be given on the NPC-Server message.

Be sure to get your fish donated to the Aquarium if you like it enough! Leave your mark on the server!

  • May 5th - Zone News System Updates

A new feature to the Zone news system was added this week. The new feature lists upcoming events and the new system will be updated each week with the new events.


As can be seen in the screenshot, there is a snowrace event occuring on Zone. The event started on April 30th and will continue, as of May 5th, for the next 16 days. The snowrace events that are used for this event are the ones hosted by Jkool666 only. The prizes available will be the winner's choice of redpistole and additional prizes, bluepistole and additional prizes, or pipebombs and money.

  • May 3rd - Kingdoms: Challenge of the Lights


To celebrate the start of May and its burst of spring color, the symbolic Challenge of the Lights was introduced.

Amidst brightly colored flames, teams assembled to carry a pair of lit torches through waves of monsters.

Each team consisted of two torch bearers and two bodyguards. One torch was blue, and one torch was red. As the teams fought their way through the monsters and completed [or failed] one by one the server became lit blue and red.

At the very end, came the epic victory of two torch-holders who struck down a wave of demons and cyclopes even after their body guards had fallen.


  • April 29th - Era Battle of the Bands


Log on Era now and see "Chedda Cheez", the Comic Club rock star, to sign your Era band up for Battle of the Bands, which will take place on Sunday, May 3rd at approximately 3 PM EST. For more information [Click here].

  • April 28th - Zone Updates

Zone has released many new hair styles, as well as new bodies. Each day one or two new styles will be released, including new clothing, hairs and faces. You can expect plenty more from Zone in the next few weeks! Keep playing Graal Zone!


  • April 20th - N-Pulse Website

Np forumlogo.png

N-Pulse has released a Website and Forums ! These forums are constantly being improved so be sure to register and keep up to date.

News and released information regarding N-Pulse Rebirth will be posted here, along with Development and non-development staff positions. If you'd like to apply, you must first register!

-N-Pulse Staff Team

  • April 19th - Graal Kingdoms Final Easter Attack!

On Saturday and Sunday Graal Kingdoms was attacked by Sack Rabbits! They dropped an assortment of candies and other immaculate confections with which you could trade in for a grand prize. Events administrators will be spawning the sack rabbits around Graal Kingdoms until Wednesday. If you collect and trade ten different colored chocolate rabbits to the events administrators, you will receive a special prize.


  • April 15th - Classic Card Game Released

Now you can explore a whole new dimension to the world of Graal Classic, with its latest Trading Card Game release! Having over 100 unique cards to collect, it is a game that requires the use of all of your strategic skills; from engaging in a duel with other players, to creating individual decks of cards collected from Booster Packs.

Players who visit the Card House located to the left of Graal Castle will receive a basic deck, a card album, and a game manual. From then on you've got the tools necessary to fight against other players, and the additional table rooms are provided for you to challenge each other. Be sure to check it out!


For additional information visit [click here.]

  • April 12th - Graal Kingdoms Easter!


Today Santa, disguised as the Easter Bunny, visited Graal Kingdoms. He is dropping egg-shaped gifts all around the main map. Some of the gifts he is dropping are very rare gifts that will only be around for a limited time, and also some other smaller surprises. The Easter Dungeon has returned by popular demand, but with a face lift, including new tiles, new light effects and aesthetics, as well as rebalanced monsters.

Come try your luck with the giant Easter eggs or just try to catch the Easter Bunny and get your prize today!

Happy Easter!

  • April 11th - Zone Easter 2009

Zone easter 2009.png

Zone wishes everybody a happy easter with the return of the easter bunnies to Iricia. These can be killed with melee weapons to obtain special eggs with gifts inside, but beware the bunnies will fight back. If you plan on hunting rabbit it's best to fight in groups. The carrot dagger and easter eggs are now available from the zone traders that can be purchased with zone money.

  • April 11th - N-Pulse Easter 2009

4pm est - Easter Costume Contest! Create your best outfit that captures the theme and celebration of Easter! In order to win your outfit must be original and be easily recognized as an Easter themed outfit. Three players will win wonderful prizes! 1st Place - Rare Ribbon (choice of any Rare NPC) 2nd Place - Prize Ticket (choice of any ET Prize) 3rd Place - 50 Event Coins

6pm est - Easter Egg Hunt! N-Pulse Management will hide Easter eggs all over the OW and it is your job to find and collect the eggs! Each egg will either contain a certain amount of gralat, event coins, or even an NPC! You don't want to miss out on this exciting event..and who knows..? You might just end up obtaining a rare NPC from one of the eggs! Note: eggs will not be located within inside levels, only outside on the overworld.

8pm est - Easter Event Marathon! Flamerus, the N-Pulse Event Chief, will be hosting a marathon of events. If a player wins three events in a row, they will win either a Rare Ribbon or a Prize Ticket based on the number of players participating in the event marathon. 10 players or less = Prize Ticket 11 players or more = Rare Ribbon

Hope you can join us for Easter fun!

  • April 6th - Easter on Classic

Easter is just around the corner, and with that comes the Annual Egg Hunt on Classic! Every five minutes an egg is dropped somewhere on the overworld and your task is to bundle up as many as you can. The person that collects the most eggs will win special prizes, such as a rare Easter card for the up and coming card game, and a shiny Golden Egg Trophy!

The Deadline of this event will be next Monday, April 13 at 12am EST. To view the current progress on the hunt, type /egghunt in game.


Good Luck and happy hunting!

  • April 4th - Graal Kingdoms Quarter 2 Updates


Graal Kingdoms Quarter 2 kicked off with a bang on April 1st with a prank on the players, seemingly resetting the server. Several updates have come once a day and updates will continue to be made up until Easter.

One of the most notable updates to Graal Kingdoms is the fact that Observer Mode has been removed. There is a level cap instead now.

Several other improvements have been made to the system and we have prepared Graal Kingdoms for some nice future updates.

To find out more information about Quarter 2 updates, [click here.]

  • April 1st - April fools kicked off on Graal Online

Surely you'd think server staff won't play jokes will they?

The best and scariest joke of the day was played on Graal Kingdoms. Characters appeared to be reset with all items, statistics and levels gone. Needless to say the joke shocked most of the Graal Kingdoms players.

Another not so scary but more fun joke was played. Era turned into a classic themed server complete with the classic style sword system enabled for the whole day.

Until next year the jokes are over.


  • March 29th - Bringing music to the city


Bring music to the city with the introduction of 21 new muscial instruments! The instruments can be purchased with event coins at the new music store.

To celebrate the release of the instruments a concert will be held on Sunday the 29th at 3PM Eastern Time. Take a break from mindless violence and joy-riding. Listen to a variety of different songs played by a selection of skilled musicians.

  • March 28th - Maloria, A glimpse through the keyhole

Many may remember Maloria as the dominant classic RPG server before it was closed for redevelopment. Maloria has improved many of its systems and game content for the users to enjoy.

The overworld is being revamped to improve the detail and quality of the levels while keeping the same geographical layout of islands that were all used from the good old days. But that's not all; plans for new islands to be implemented into the expanding overworld is one of many big changes to expect. It's safe to say that you will not be disappointed with the final result.

MaloriaNews Overworld.png

The shopping interfaces have been improved to be user friendly with clear and simple GUI. The interface has five easy to use tabs to direct you to the inventory for that respected tab. Each weapon, piece of armour and potion displays an informative range of statistics to aid you in buying the perfect item for whatever you need.

MaloriaNews Shopping.png

The events system is automated to host regular events that are usually hosted by events staff, with a wide range of prizes to be won. It will provide players with a chance to practice for when the dedicated events staff host their frequent events.

The mining system has been improved for a richer experience. Materials can be obtained by using a pick axe to break open rocks and then using the pan in the water in the usual fashion. There is now an additional option to refine these materials using a furnace.

MaloriaNews Maining.png

Dungeon bosses such as the giant turtle use deadly melee and magic attacks to deal great damage to foes. The addition of these new monsters will promote group hunting. The idea of bringing down large creatures with your party of fellow adventurers has got to be interesting.

MaloriaNews Boss.png

Various different spells have been revisited and freshened up with exciting new graphics and ganis to make the spells look better than ever.

A new quest system has been implemented with a clear list of active quests and descriptions of the quest objectives.

MaloriaNews Questlog.png

Nation warfare has been developed with the addition of siege equipment to improve player vs player combat with destructible nation castles.

  • March 21st - CastleWars on N-Pulse

N-Pulse is currently having a weekly Castle War event. The Castle Wars events are similiar to a guild war, and the goal is to determine the best guild.

The Castle War event will be held weekly on Wednesdays between 7-8 PM EST (12-1AM GMT, and 0:00-1:00 server time). The Castle War events will also be hosted randomly during the week, so guilds be prepared! Prizes are also awarded.

  • March 14th - Zone News Window

Zone Staff added the news window to allow for players to keep track of what happens on Zone! The news window opens on login and the news window also opens when clicking on News in the upper right corner of the stat display. Currently the news window logs event messages, race results, deathmatch winners, kills, purchases and medals. You can either watch the important or all messages, it will display the 25 most recent news. Ideas to extend this feature are welcome!


  • March 14th - Kart Race Tournament


After 2 hours and 30 minutes, we finally had the winners from the Graal Kingdoms Kart Race Tournament!


1) Jcs1919 won the Elven Boots and 5 event coins

2) Alex51 won 3 event coins

3) CriticalError won 1 event coin

Jcs1919 also did the best run with 48.46 seconds!

  • March 10th - N-Pulse Rebirth

N-Pulse is continuing in it's development of N-Pulse Rebirth.

What is Rebirth? To be exact, N-Pulse Rebirth is going to be an RPG-themed server, and we actually mean that. You will have to complete tasks in order to advance through the world, instead of just s-key mashing (in other words, hitting your attack-button constantly). It may require thinking, or it may require fighting. You also don't pick a class, but rather you can choose in which areas you'd like to level up in. We have our own staff-team specific for the Rebirth development, called "Operations".

We, the Operations Team, are in need of the following:

  • Concept Design - you need to be able to write stories and the concept to the game.
  • Graphics Design - you will need to be able to create items, icons, weapons, etc.
  • Levels Design - you must be able to work with our custom tiles and know how to work with GMaps, inside and outside levels, and a bit of level-scripting.
  • Programming Design - you must be able to create systems, fix bugs in previous scripts, and works with an MUD.
  • Special Effects - you must either be able to make Ganis of swords/items/monsters interacting and/or make sounds of things you'd see in an RPG (swords clashing, swinging, etc.)

If you'd like to help with the Rebirth project and join the Operations team, feel free to log on N-Pulse and speak with a Chief of Operations or one of the Operation's Branch Captains.

For more info, please see the official GraalOnline hiring thread.


  • February 28th - Unholy Nation: CS


Unholy Nation is in the middle of a long-term developmental projects. We're going to be releasing some small term activities for the players to interact with while it's being worked on. Come on and check them out:


  • We'll be hosting a level competition that will go hand-in-hand with the "re-stock" of the hat shop. Come around to get details.
  • "CS" - CS is an old gun game customized to UN is brought back with new levels, arenas and style of game play. Check it out north of Town Center in the Auction house's old building
  • Swear filter is now toggle-able. It was a controversial subject, and if you don't mind seeing the swears you can toggle it on or off accordingly.
  • Seaport is the long term dev project that was never finished. We plan on finishing it soon for release, it will incorporate a new quest for you all to play though. We're going to take a different approach, however.

  • February 16th - Maloria Valentine Special


We on Maloria will be releasing yet another very limited, and permanent, item in the shape of the Cupid's Bow! Along with it, you'll also receive 500x Cupid's Arrow. How to get it!? Just log on player! This offer is limited to February 22th.

During the next couple of days, the events system should be up and running, which means we'll try it out and possible give out some other misc. novelty items that will never be given out again.

We are also getting closer and closer to applying for a Classic inspection, however, the remaining work isn't some of the funniest things to work at. We're at a complete halt until we're able to find two/three dedicated and talented LAT's, that would be interested in tiling the sewer dungeon with our custom tiles.

So, if you're interested, please get in contact with Nate (bioboi) or Ziro (xXziroXx).


  • February 14th - Ardeo is Hiring!


Ardeo is in need of a few staff members to get us towards the next step in development! Do you want to be part of a close-knit team of inspired workers, and do you have an ambition to complete a server?

Ardeo will eventually have a multitude of things to do, including: -Jobs -Sailing & Piracy -Trading with a real economy -Wars & conquerors. -Two different fighting systems -Dungeons And a lot of diverse areas and races to choose from.

So contact Pimmeh over the forums, or email him at


  • January 29th - Classic Update


Over the last few months work has been made towards subtle updates to improve playability of the server in the long run.

The first main example of this is the new Hit Detection, which is Clientside, as opposed to the Serverside Hit Detection which had been used since after Classic got an NPCserver. The difference is that the previous HD caused players from the opposite side of the Atlantic to where the Server is hosted or from other locations around the world to be at a disadvantage, supposedly being able to be hit from a long distance away, whereas the new HD ensures attackers must be close to you on your own screen in order for you to be hit, to put it simply. There is also the option of being able to spar/pk within special rooms that use the default Graal movement + HD.

The second main example would be the new Map System. This is aimed to help players that are new to Graal or the server to find their way around more easily. If you've ever attempted to quest on the server but have been confused as to where to go next, icons will be marked at locations depending on your quest progress. Locations containing obtainable items of interest are also marked on the Map regardless of progress. Any future releases can be added to this easily.

Our plan has always been to salvage the best content from Graal the Adventure and to build new content around it with the original Graal feel while keeping newbie-friendly, although we realise it is just as important for there to be recyclable content that can be played constantly around the clock. In order to accomplish both of these goals we feel the Dev Team requires a shake-up and so we'd like to invite anyone interested in working for the server to apply with our new application, which can be found at -

Good luck to all of those that apply.


  • January 22nd - AEON Comming to an end!

Aeon hiring2.png

So the long expected wait of AEON's re-release of the modern world is almost here but we are in desperate need of staff to finish. Also Elan is almost complete aswell and once Opan is finished we will then re-apply for the classic tab.

So listed below are the developer positions that are open and needed. Everything is open except for NAT at the moment:

  • LATs (Both Classic and Modern LATs[[1]]
  • GATs[[2]]
  • Gani Team[[3]]
  • SFXs, Talk to HL or SwedishKing.

If you have any questions please PM SwedishKing or Hatred/HL on AEON. You can also find us on GraalForums, or on our forum: [4]

  • January 10th - Classic's Monthly Spar Tournament

A new year brings a fresh start--the first monthly spar tournament of 2009! Laura (xnervNATx) takes home the champion belt this time around, beating Shiden Kotetzu in the last round. Let's hope his New Year's resolution wasn't to win.

Don't forget to stop by on February 14th for what is bound to be our most romantic monthly spar tournament yet!

  • January 10th - Azure Skies underway!

Azure Skies! (Formerly called Silence)


Sailing the skies, pillaging enemies, advancing through the ranks in your crew/flag and taking control over whole islands! Cool, eh?

  • We're under way with absolutely everything that needs doing, including bar levels and SFX.
    • Think you can level/sfx? Then hop on to Azure Skies and see if it's the place for you!
  • We're also in need of some extra GATs to push along creation of certain aspects, such as swords and boats (both large and small).
    • If you feel up to the challenge, by all means come give us a look.
  • Even if you don't have any development skills, come along and see the server thrive. We're adding new things for players to do while you wait for the grand opening, so why not hop on board (Geddit?) and check us out for yourself!

-Jamie (Co Manager)

  • January 6th - New Year for Unholy Nation


  • Unholy Nation is currently under going a lot of changes. Our new manager Streety is offering a more interactive experience for Graalians. A lot of our staff members have been hard at work, creating some hot new features to make your gameplay more fashionable.
  • Ronnie, our Guild Admin, has put together a spectacular local guild engine to make your guild gameplay experience convenient and fun. By joining local guilds, you'll get the benefit of using a chat-system to communicate leisurely with your guild mates. It's got a pretty user-friendly interface and is definitely worth a passing glance.
  • Unholy Nation now offers server-wide PKing. Anything goes when the PKing on the overworld.
  • Unholy Radio is under a new radio server, with a new Head DJ (Thanks Wreckage!). Time slots and hirings for DJs are still underway, if you're interested. Head over to the server, and keep your eyes peeled.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM our friendly staff. They'd be more than delighted to help you. U.N.