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  • December 22 - Santa Visits Graal Kingdoms!


Santa is visiting Graal Kingdoms! He is walking around the main island dropping a plethora of presents. He's feeling very generous this year, make sure you receive your present!

  • December 19th - Graal Kingdoms Quarter 1


Q1: The first quarterly update, including a large collection of improvements.

  • December 17th - Maloria Christmas 2008

While we might not be able to offer all too much this year, we ARE able to give out a unique Christmas Sword 2008 to anyone that logon to Maloria. The item will remain permanent even through potential Development resets.

This offer will be active from now to the end of December.

Mal icon christmassword.pngMerry Christmas Mal icon christmassword.png from the Maloria team!

  • December 14th - Zone Christmas Updates

A snow storm changed the dropships on Zone, at the right time for Christmas! Thanks to Aura, our graphics staff member. Many updates are planned for the holidays, such as two new guns, Santa making a return, and maybe even more!


  • December 13th - Classic's Monthly Spar Tournament

Frigid December brings Classic to its last Monthly Spar Tournament of 2008. Xaphan (Crimson2005) came out on top after skating through the competition and taking on Rufus for the 10 ticket win! Congratulations to Xaphan with his new monthly title belt and thanks to everyone that rose to the challenge.

The title is up for grabs every second Saturday of each month; don't miss it!

  • December 6th - Westford Updated


The Crescent Pirates have renovated their famous marketplace, Westford. It introduces Graal Kingdoms' first outside shop containing vegetables and fruits. You will also find many player shops at Westford filled with an assortment of handy quest items and gear.

  • December 5th - Let It Snow!


Several playerworlds are celebrating winter with snow and other festive features! On Era you can build snow men by gathering snowballs and rolling them on the ground, meanwhile Zodiac and Unholy Nation are preparing holiday events!

Classic has been hit by a blizzard as well, you can see the snow everywhere. You may want to check out the other playerworlds during the days approaching the new year to see their decorations!


  • November 28th - Unholy Nation Official Forums


Unholy Nation now has a brand new forum, here you can find out and discuss some of the current projects going on, submit your own ideas, or just talk about the server, life, or other servers among other things.

It's open to all, easy to sign up and offers 45+ phpbb templates including Dark Fantasy, Hello Kitty, Chrimbo and more, and if you find another phpbb template you like on the web, leave a note in the suggestions thread and we can get it uploaded for you. So check it out, post some input, or just chat to your fellow graalians.

Just go here to sign up

  • November 2nd - Zone Image Updates

An array of new graphics have been uploaded on Zone recently. Of these graphics, there are new bodies, hair, and a flashing plasmachaingun.


  • November 2nd - Zone Weapon Updates

Besides putting amazing imagery into play on Zone, the development staff has also balanced some of the weapons. The assault pistols have been weakened, and the silencer has been made stronger. The holiday cakes have been added to the shop and will be there for about one week, but if they remain popular they may be allowed longer.

Along with those came a few patches to fix the game play on spar to be more suitable.


  • November 1st - Unholy Radio Back On AIR!


Unholy Radio's comeback special will take place, this Saturday, November 1st. I wanted to do it Friday, since Fridays are like...Friday Nights! but unfortunately, this Friday is Halloween, I plan to dress up as Micheal Myers and stalk some of the trick-or-treaters. Yes I know...creepy. So I will be unavailable that night.

However, future Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, Unholy Radio will be available for all you graalians that wish to request music and give your shoutouts.

Here is what my nightshows will include:

1. Player's song requests

2. NPC giveaways

3. EP Giveaways

4. Gralat Giveaways

5. UN Discussion - what the players want, what the staff are planning

6. Prank Phone Calls

7. Staff interviews

8. Music

9. and as always, having a good time while making people laugh....

Since this Saturday is the comeback special, I have a couple special things planned so you will not want to miss it. This includes finding out information on becoming a DJ for Unholy Radio, since I will not be able to host the radio much during the week, I need someone to fill my shoes. I'll also be playing your song requests along with TeXaZ's oldskool Graal graal, play graal.

Alright, I'll save the talk for the radio, you know how I roll. See you Saturday night after 8:00pm EST.

- Red (Unholy Radio)

  • November 1st - New weapons on Zone

Two new weapons were released today on Zone. The Silencer can be found in the Zone money shop (see below) for only 11800 Zone money. The Flame pistol can be found in the gelat shop for a very cheap price!

Silencer zone.PNG


  • October 31sth' - Halloween on Unholy Nation



Happy Graal'o'ween!

On Unholy Nation, to join into the festivities, we started releasing things around a week or so ago! Things like our new Zombie Hunting event, Our Hat contest (With spontaneous restocks), a seasonal village and some really cool NPCs!

Evenvale is a small village on the coast of Unholy Nation. It's true history is a mystery to UN. The true story lies inside an abandoned mansion to the south part of the village. Do you have the guts to venture in and find out for yourself?

Come down and join in the fun, ~Unholy Nation's Staff

  • October 29th - Graal Kingdoms Halloween 2008


  • October 29th - Zone Helicopters

Zone debug has been taking off lately. The hard work has been paying off and you can now take off in your helicopters on Zone Bunker. The helicopters may now also act as transportation for two other players. To enable the multiplayer option of the helicopter, press the icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, and other players must press the similar icon that will then appear on their screen to hop on. We hope you enjoy the updates and expect more to come!


- Zone Staff

  • October 23rd - Zone Halloween + Events

The Zone Staff have whipped together some awesome Halloween updates to help kick off the Halloween season on Zone! Some of the Halloween updates include halloween ghosts and pumpkins on the dropships, and even some spider webs. More is soon to come so keep playing Zone!


  • October 20th - Welcome Zodiac GraalOWeen 2008!

Zodiac graaloweenlogo.png

In order to show our Halloween spirit, we, the Zodiac staff have decided to spice the server up with some festive items and themes.

We have made many changes to the server for the holiday which are listed below:

  • Halloween Candy, which can be exchanged in increments of 50 for halloween bags, now drops from baddies.
  • Halloween Bags can be opened to find even more candy and other surprises!

But don't get too greedy! Rumor has it that on Halloween, mysterious events involving these bags will take place. Save them up!

  • A Jack-o-Lantern making competition has begun! The winner will be announced on Halloween night and will be awarded for their efforts.
  • Halloween costumes now drop from most monsters! These costumes can be exchanged

in increments of 500 (100 for boss monsters) for reusable costumes of the same sort.

We really hope that you guys enjoy these updates! We appreciate the support you give us and dont be shy to give a friendly thank you! to your staff team! Happy Halloween! : D

- Zodiac Staff Team

Zodiac logo2.png

  • October 8th - AEON is hiring again!


Due to some staff being inactive, we have decided that we're going to hire staff! You might think that AEON have been more or less inactive these days, but we have made some progress:

  • Opan Beta Event System has been released.
  • Major updates on Opan's overworld, many houses has been filled.
  • New levels for Elan's Party Island.

Currently: Opan is 60% finished. Elan is 90% finished.

Right now AEON is really close of sending a Classic Inspection Ticket, but we just need some help to be able to finish the things that are left. We need:

  • Modern LATs
  • GATs
  • Gani Makers
  • Talented Scripters
  • SAT

If you wish to apply, just click at this link [1]

[[NOTE :: If you're applying for either SAT or NAT, please Contact: SwedishKing. (Vima on the GraalForums) or HL]]

Thanks and Good Luck!

  • October 6th - New Planet Released

After a long wait, the new Zone map is complete!

Bunker is an exciting new map filled to the brim with action! Rather than having set classes, everyone starts off with a combat knife. You must gather item boxes that can be found in tents and bunkers, or kill players to make them drop their weapons.

The goal of bunker is to lower the opposing teams energy stations hp to zero. Capturing the bases spread out on the map will do this. Also, if your team has more bases than your opponent, your energy station will recover its hp while your opponents loses hp.

The more the merrier, everyone is welcome to come and try out this new addition to Zone! Please feel free to contact any staff member with your feedback about the new map. Remember, your opinions will help us further improve future updates!

  • October 6th - Day Of The Sun!


The Sun will visit us on Graal Kingdoms on 11th October!

Get many items like Eventcoins,Enchant Armour,Diamonds,Gems,and more....!

And he will give out 1 Sun Shield again!

The Event runs all day so all can join our events for Day Of The Sun

Events non-stop with all available Events Masters!


  • September 29th - Kriegszone is back

Come now to see the new updates:

  • Guns
  • Biz's
  • Gangs
  • Cars
  • New ways to make cash!

Come check it out.

Were hiring all staff - Nats, Gfxers, ganiers, Level makers! Log on Kriegzone now and check it out!

  • September 28th - Vivitron Needs Your Help

Vivitron is in a bit of trouble and is in need for your help. We/I am looking for some dedicated players to make this server the server we can plan on making it. We are in need of basically all dev. staff. Instructions for applying is in the server pm on vivitrion so log in and check us out. Vivitronneedsyou.png

Thankyou, WildFire(Owner)

  • September 22nd - World Of Swords Is Hiring

World Of Swords is a Classic-style playerworld and is in a bit of trouble. We need dedicated players to make this the great server that it can be. We currently need:

2 NATs, 1 GATs, 2 Gani-ers ,2 LATs

Contact us: Worldofswords.JPG

  • September 21st - Zone Bunker


Coming Soon!

  • September 17th - Silence is hiring again


Silence, the RPG/Fantasy themed server, is hiring some more people to complete the Team! Actually, we'r hiring: -Skilled Scripters ! You must be able to develop systems that fits with Silence's theme We may hire one or two scripters for this task. -Grapics ! We still need some graphics help, to make Silence quite like an enjoyable world still going trough Silence's theme. If you feel like helping us, don't hesitate to send us some of your work !

In order to apply, contact one of the online RCs or send an email describin your personality, why you'd like to help Silence, and especially HOW ! Silence's mailbox:

Have fun, enjoy graal aslong as possible, and be happy !

  • September 14th - And the winner is...

Screenshot tombola.png

... devilsknite1 ! Sunday evening the tombola (raffle event) for the Wii game console was hold on Kingdoms. Everyone who bought tombola cards was automatically taking part, no matter if being online or not. Everyone got a 3 letter number and the number of the winner was revealed by three rolling balls with numbers on them. Sorry for everyone who didn't win, but may be there will be another event like this in the future since it was quite successful.

  • September 13th - Mythic Legends - House Building Frenzy!

Greetings Graalians! We've reached a tiring task on Mythic, one that includes filling roughly 50 levels with houses and misc. buildings of all kinds, and we could use some help.

You don't have to be a skilled LAT for it, as long as you know how to design somewhat realistic houses. Heck, you don't even have to learn to navigate the tileset, since we can provide levels with already existing houses that you can copy/paste the tiles you need from.

Are you the one we're looking for? Catch me, Ziro (xXziroXx), online or contact me on AIM (irxzirox) or MSN (! Have a continued nice day! :)

  • September 13th - Dev dignapod22- Needs Help

Dev Dignapod22 is hiring. Dev Dignapod22 (going to be called evntually Carnage City) is a modern day city located near a major shipping port dealing with international trade. But be careful because around that docks and around town things aren't what they should be. This is no peaceful town. We Need For Staff 2 NATs, 3 GATs, 2 Gani Editors, 1 or 2 Level Editor, A Good Graphics Team of at least 2 or 3. Contact Us

  • September 9th - Card Tombola this weekend

This is the last week where you can get a tombola card and win a Wii! In the last two months when purchasing trading cards you were also receiving tombola cards. This weekend we will do the "tombola" (raffle) and choose one of the players to get a Wii game console, sponsored by the payment provider Ticket-Surf.

  • September 8th - Zone - Iricia restored!

Big news: Iricia has been restored to its original state! Many players have requested this to happen.

  • September 1st - Zone - New Map for Iricia!


A new map for Iricia was added on Zone, it displays your enemies and all captured bases with their locations. You can press M to toggle the map, or click on it to close.

  • September 1st - Ages - Needs You!

Ages is a playerworld and is in a bit of a rut. We need dedicated players to make this the great server that it can be. We currently need:

2 NATs, 3 GATs, 2 Gani-ers, 1 Manager (must know one person to fill each of the previous slots)

Contact us:

Ages help.png


  • August 30th - Zone - Day of Events August 30th!

Saturday August 30th, there will be a Day of Events on Zone. The events will start at 15:00 Servertime (9:00 AM EST) and run to 02:00 Servertime (8:00 PM EST).

There will be several prizes handed out this day and inbetween those prized events there will be team-battle events.

Some Prizes include: Twinblade, Red/Blue Pistoles, Reapers, Scifi Pistols, Magnums, Doubleshot, A Holiday Weapon, jetpack and much more :).

For more information, stay tuned into this forum thread:

And for questions or event requests, check out this thread:

  • August 25th - Unholy Nation - New Quest!

New classic style Quest! Can you defeat the dragon boss? Get a brand new item, and maybe even a secret one too! ;P

Good luck!

Kokira boss.png

  • August 15th - Zone - Day of Events August 30th!

The date is steadily approaching! Don't forget about the day of Events on August 30th. Check out the completed schedule here!

  • August 12th - Dev jothegreat55555 needs staff members!

Dev jothegreat55555 is a server set in the time period of the 1940's in an Italian city. This isn't the friendliest part of town, if you catch our drift, and you will need to watch out for those mobsters! The server has plently to offer ranging from illegal item rackating, interesting card games, to underground boxing and more!

Work your way from the newcomer to the top! Become a head assassin, leader of a Mafia family, or maybe just settle down with a nice legitimate buisness.


Dev jothegreat55555 is hiring for all DEV positions. That means YOU! The current staff members we are in need of are scripters, graphics designers, and graal animation staff members.

  • August 10th - Legend in need of Staff

Irata or MG can be contacted on Legend during the afternoon EST time. MG can also be reached through AIM: SarmieGraal.

Graphics Team - Still in need of a Admin to keep this team in line, Would need to be able to make 32x32 icons and work on the tile set, as well as making weapon sprites and spells for the gani team.

LAT - Would need to be able to adapt to a changing tile set with unique tiles. Still needs an Admin for this team.

NAT - Needs knowledge of MUD systems and a decent level of scripting. Still needs an admin for this team.

Gani Team - Needs to work well with making many ganis. Still needs an admin for this team.

  • August 9th - The Light Hirings

Greetings. The Light is an aspiring modern server with stats and a basic rank leveling system involved. Basically, we want to recreate a mordern server with an RPG touch to it.

We are now undergoing huge development especially with our systems and tiles. Therefore, we are hiring professional or experienced staff to help out.

Here are a list of open hirings:

Scripters/NATs - We are currently needing committed scripters to help us.

GANI - We need GANI makers to help liven up The Light's environment and player-friendliness.

We would appreciate help from the Graal Community especially in these fields.

Please contact Name (DuBsTeRmAn) or Zorko (Dumdumdidi) for more infomation on hirings.

Thank you.

  • August 4th - Mythic Legends Hirings

I'll keep myself short and go directly to the point. We're looking for a bit of a help.

Character Equipment/Sprites - Self-explanatory. Your job would be to create custom looks on sprites, new hairs, clothing equipment etc.

Icons - You'd be making 32x32 icons for currently existing items, spells and even skills/talents.

GUIs - The dreadful default GUIs need to be replaced, are you creative enough for it?

Interior and/or Exterior decorations - We're at a stage where inside levels are getting rapidly done, and the town is slowly getting bigger and bigger. However, while we might have tiles, we don't have anything to fill the levels with. That's where you come in! You'd get more or less free hands, but if anything is requested, why not do it right?

Tiles - The oh so glorious task of creating more tiles. Interested?

Any of the above are up for grabs. If you don't want a steady job, and just want to help here and there - that's fine. We can provide you with boots to get around the normally sealed off town, as well as a limited RC for uploading. If you do want to be actually hired with any of the above tasks as main priority, then even better.

Not hiring any coders, and doubtfully level makers - depends on how good you are.

All/most core systems are done, now it's just the visual part left before we're ready to rock. And trust me, we'll rock - heavy metal style!


  • July 18th - Graal Ghetto News!

Ghetto news.png

Come to Graal Ghetto! We have a lot for you to play:

  • Guns/Swords
  • Gangs/Buisness
  • Hotels
  • Cars
  • TrashPicking/Fishing
  • Events & Tons Of Event Items

And more come and see for yourself! Houses will soon be released!

Hiring: LAT,NAT,GAT,Gani

  • July 18th - GraalOnline Forums: Update

The Official Graal Online Communication Center is now free to those who have bought a Gold Subscription in the past, or currently have an active subscription.

Also, updates have been made to the forums. Now users can create social groups, tag threads, and much more.

  • July 9th - Graal iPhone/iPod: Will be released on Apple AppStore!

Graal iPhone large.png

The happy owners of an iPhone/iPod Touch will soon be able to play Graal on it. This Friday Apple will launch the version 2.0 of the iPhone/iPod software including AppStore (a shop to install new software).

If everything goes well, Graal Zone for iPhone/iPod will be one of the first multi-player arcade games to be available on the AppStore. Graal Zone for iPhone/iPod is a special version of Graal Zone for PC with some training levels and custom maps. Graal Zone on iPhone/iPod will be free.

We are releasing also Graal Zone+, a premium version of the game with more weapons, vehicles and maps.

To celebrate the launch of the iPhone/iPod version we will organize events, stay tuned!

  • July 6th - Project Mythic: Combat released, once and for all!

Mythic combatreleased.png

Combat system is released, once and for all!

If you logon, create a character, then login with it - you'll see a NPC giving you instructions on how to enter combat.

Currently you will face as many baddies as there are players in your party (party system not released yet) and they will be the same level as your party leader. They will have randomized looks, and randomized stats between 3 and 21. If you beat them everyone in your party will level up, if not, try again!

Exp system will probably not be released until we get this town ready and open it up, so if you're willing to help with levels or graphics - get in touch! :)


  • June 29th - New trading cards!

Screenshot petscollection2.png

New effects and a brand new pets system are waiting for you to be discovered. Collect the new trading cards, find a full set and unlock several new effects that make you look better or get one of the pets which work on any Graal server. Following the successful launch of the first trading cards in December 2007 we are again giving prizes to the first players who collect a full card set. Between the first 3 players who collect a full set we will randomly choose one player to win a Wii game console. This time it will be more challenging, with several rare pets and a total of 18 sets to collect.

You get the new trading cards by buying "Random Cards" in the in-game shop window. Beside trading cards you can also win tombola cards which let you participate in a tombola at the end of the summer (September) to win another Wii game console! The prizes are sponsored by Ticketsurf, a new payment method available for Graal players in Canada, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Brazil and more.

Existing cards (marked with 'available only this winter') will be converted to the new card system and can be used for another 2 weeks.

  • June 28th - Silence is hiring!


Silence is now opened to public with several releases to come soon. But Silence needs you, the graal community to be accomplished and become a great server. Within the RPG, Fantasy theme has to be added.

We'r hiring:

  • -Scripters.
  • -SFX (Sounds): If you are able to make your own sounds, tell us about it !
  • -GATs: In fact, the tileset is almost done, but needs some more help to be

colorful and represent a world full of life, but with sadness at the same time.

Log in to Silence now, and become part of the next generation of RPG/Fantasy themed Graal playerworld !

Silence's official box:

Silence awaits you.

  • June 28-29th - Zone Events

Screenshot riflerace.png Last weekend Jasper and Jurre won the Snowrace tournament and received red and blue rifles. New events:

Saturday, June 28th 19:00 Servertime (1:00 PM EST) - Hosted by Ravenblade1979 Redpistole Event! "Event type to be decided"

Also that day, 22:00 Servertime (4:00 PM EST) - Hosted by Tenchry_P2P Redpistole Event! "Event type to be decided"

Sunday, June 29th, "Time to be Decided" - Hosted by jkool666 (unless decided otherwise) Golden Weapon Event! Deathmatch, Useable Weapons: Appirces, ApRipper, Magnum, Muramasa

  • June 27th - New Forest Island Released

Forest has been busy planting trees and moving entire towns. Baleron and Avanik was moved, a good time to explore somtething new. The rest of the cities were redesigned a bit to be more accessible. Quite a few changes to the kingdom island as well, some of these changes will allow you to swim to the smaller island. New walled city with gates for a new touch as well, with places for player houses in the city. Now forest members can be a true city dweller. We haven't forgotten about those that just like to be out in the trrees either. Several locations along various roads should look very nice for a few houses here and there.

  • June 23rd - 'New clothing system on GK - GFX Contest

Gk clothingupdate.png

Today we updated the clothing system on Graal Kingdoms. Now you are able to carry your favourite outfits with you. So you can save the time running the the clothing shop. But you have to craft these outfits now, there isn't just plat you need. Don't worry, there are just basic items like cloth, skin, coal and so on needed in order to craft your favourite items. We are also able to give out clothing in a limited number now. This means there are more exotic clothings you can win in events, find randomly on the map, trade with them or just show what you've got.

Along with this update we started a graphics contest you can take part in. The graphics of the winners are going to be used for the first collection of limited clothing. All other graphics will be public to everyone every time. Url:

  • June 22nd - New town on Zormite released

Gk vateril.png

Out of a travelers dairy: "I felt how the earth below my feet was slowly starting to move. Something was different on my travel through the land of Zormite today. Then suddenly there ground opened just a half mile in font of me and a big dust cloud came up. I started to run there and as I almost reached the coast on the west the dust was fading away. I couldn't belive my eyes but there it was.. a big sign with a name on it 'Vateril'. Everything was looking nice around there. The town had a mill, a well, a bakery and other shops but there was something strange. It was the house of Zohaun's brother the blacksmith. It looked different somehow in a good way. I was wondering if this blacksmith was able to craft some special weapons in the near future."

  • June 21st - New Governor of the Crescent Pirates


A new Governor of the Crescent Pirates was announced by Governor Felix Lionheart upon his retirement. The new Governor of the Crescent Pirates would be none other than Paul Cypher, a fearless pirate and a great leader. Congratulations Paul!

  • June 15th - GK Summer 2008


School's out, it's summer time, and Graal Kingdoms is waiting for your arrival. Trade items with other players, enjoy many events, level yourself above the rest, and manifest your own destiny on this medieval themed server. Raise your very own pets, learn spells, and help prevent the evil of the Bomy moon from enveloping our world!

We hope to see you there!

  • June 13th - New Subscription System

We are introducing a new more flexible subscription system - you get a starter pack with your subscription, and you can pause your subscription:

Euro conversion

Right now we are losing an incredible amount of money each month just for currency conversion. That's why we have decided to switch the billing system completely to Euro. We know that odd Dollar numbers on the bill (like .37) might be confusing, but we hope that you understand this step. At the same time we lower the Euro prices so that the actual difference between old and new amount will not be too huge. So depending on where you come from and what you want to buy, some prices might be slightly higher or lower. On the subscription page you can easily convert the amount to your local currency.

New subscription system

We have changed the subscription system to be based on Gelats. That means you buy an amount of Gelats on the website, and then subscribe directly in the game using the Shop window. The subscription system has been simplified: we again only offer one Gold subscription which works for any current server (Zone, Kingdoms, Classic, under construction and hosted playerworlds). The price is in the middle of old single server subscription and gold bundle: you subscribe and then pay 300 Gelats each month.

Free starter pack

When you buy a subscription or gelat pack on the website then you get an additional starter pack for free. The starter pack includes items for Zone, Kingdoms, Unholy Nation, Zodiac and Era and makes the life for new players easier.

Flexible subscriptions

The subscription system is now much more flexible. First you don't need to subscribe for 12 months upfront: you can subscribe one month, then pause and continue later with your remaining Gelats. You will get an e-mail notification when your subscription is near the end and there are not enough Gelats on your account.

  • June 9th - Project Mythic: Combat System Released!

You are now able to duel players one-on-one on Project Mythic. Want to try it out yourself?

1) Create a new character and login with it.

2) Find a suiting victim, then say /duel <charactername> (ie. /duel Ziro)

3) Wait for the player to accept your duel request. Note: if it's not accepted within 60 seconds your request will time out.

We're also still hiring interested level makers and pixel artists, poke me xXziroXx (Ziro) in-game!

  • June 7th - Zone Plasma Chaingun

Screenshot plasmachaingun2.png

Hightech in your hands: the new Plasma Chaingun shoots a stream of powerful plasma bullets, works with any class and requires less reloads than the metal chaingun. Now available in the Zone Shop.

  • June 1st - Zone Red Pistols Events

This Sunday, Zone will have an event hosted on Deathmatch for Redpistoles. Zone will also have an event hosted for Redpistoles, and the exact event type and location have not been decided. The general time will be 18:00 server time through 21:00 server time. Don't forget the progress on Zone Debug, the Bunker map could be out soon!

NataxowithRP2.PNG Nataxo with redpistoles.


  • May 31st - Zone Doubleshot Event

Saturday, This coming Saturday, Zone will have an event hosted on Deathmatch by Tench Doubleshot King (Tenchry_P2P). The prize for this event will be doubleshots! The time will be announced later this week.

  • May 28th - Zone Tournament

On Wednesday, May 28th, at 01:00 server time, there will be a hide and seek event on Deathmatch. The prize will be 250 Pipebombs. After that a Snowrace tournament will be held. The rules for the Snowrace will be announced shortly. The prize for the tournament will be 500 gas grenades to first place and 250 pipebombs to second place.

  • May 25th - Zone Player of the Week

The Zone player of the week for last week was Lashivas with an astounding 1711 kills! Congratulations Lashivas!

  • May 25th - The Adventure of Questing is back on Classic

After having gone through many small changes to rebuild both the Original Graal and Adventure feel, Classic has finally seen the release of 2 new Quests, in the form of Sardons Tower and the Gnome Caves. Both are implemented as part of a main storyline and should provide a decent hour of gameplay at minimum, more details are contained inside of the npcserver message.


  • May 6th - Project Mythic: Call for help

Project Mythic is in grave need of help from Level Makers and Graphic Artists. The potential is there, but the man power is not. We want to create a quite big town (10x10 levels), but we simply lack the people for it.

We seek those of you who are experienced, or at least know your way around, with creating levels. We do have a custom tileset, so "practice makes perfect" comes to my mind. We're in huge need of anyone that can be of assistance in this department!


If that wasnt all, we are keeping our eyes open for anyone with a talent for graphics that'd be interested in helping. Your task would mainly be to assist with tile requests, or you who wish to design clothing/equipments etc.

Come check us out, there's no harm in that! If you do want to apply, contact me (xXziroXx) by:

  • email to
  • forum PM on
  • send me a PM in-game


  • May 3rd - Zone Events

This weekend several prize events will be held on Zone.

On Friday night a red pistol event will be held (time will depend on number of players online). On Saturday afternoon, an event will be held for red pistols at 19:30 server time (1:30pm est).


Above is the sneak peak of the bunker map that is in progress on Zone Debug. The player is holding redpistoles. To conclude this fabulous weekend, another pair of red pistols will be hosted off on Sunday. Cash (Cash_P2p) was the player of the week last week with a total of 695 kills for the week.


  • April 28th - Epic Mage!


It was time for a big event!

The Graalians had to spar 1vs1 with some handicaps to make it stronger so they really had to show there skills to be a mage. After the spar the mages had to go to a dungeon and kill evil monsters only with there spells!

Googi won the Gloves of Arcania

  • April 28th - Atrius is hiring!

After a large amount of development, Atrius finally requires the need of a few more staff to get the server fully bug-free! We're getting close to the end of our work, and we need help!

Right now Atrius is hiring:

  • NAT's
  • GAT's
  • SFX

If you would like to apply, just log onto Atrius and contact an administrator.

Atrius looks forward to being finished, and with YOUR help, we can achieve it.

  • April 27th - Zone New Iricia

Iricia has changed significantly - turrets, more bunkers, and a bigger base one. If players like it then the new map will stay online.

There is also a new weekly kills stats - become the player of the week! For sending messages to guild members use the new /guild message command.

  • April 26th - AEON - Hiring!!

AEON - 4 Worlds on just one server. Yes! On AEON we do it big

AEON has under the past months been making a lot of progress,

Elan (The Classic World) will soon be finished. Opan (Modern World) and NSC (Futuristic world) are keeping up with Elan. Right now we're looking for talented, dedicated staff.

We are hiring:

  • Classic and Modern LATs
  • GATs
  • Gani Makers

To get the applications, just simply go to our forum: AEON's Forum.


Good Luck!

Join AEON today!

<< on AEON we do it big. >>

  • April 20th - Varia is Hiring!

Varia1 small.png

Welcome to Varia!

A land of Change and Adventure. Develop the land you're bound to explore. Plant seeds and return to find a plant with some goodies attached. Fight endless amounts of demons and creatures to save the people of Varia and be rewarded handsomely. Buy some land and start a farm. Grow fields of Strawberries forever, maybe raise some pigs or chickens. Come join the fun and grow with us.

This is a very short description of the Varia Vision. I need you, the Graal Community to help me accomplish this vision of mine.

Varia is Hiring :

  • LATs - Send two levels (one inside/one outside:warp connected)
  • GATs - Send 3 images of your choice that you made
  • NATs - Send 2 scripts, demonstrating triggeraction with some params
  • Developers - Send in each of the following.

Send your applications to You may contact through my Graal account (Angel_Light) or my AIM (AgainstTheQuo) or my MSN (

Thank-you! Sincerely, Jex Varia (Angel_Light)

  • April 18th - Ardeo is Hiring!


Ardeo, a world full of surprises and secrets needs several Level artists, Animation Artists and Graphics Artists. We at Ardeo attempt to make a world that keeps evolving by the hands of the players, and we need your help to make that happen! Apply for a position and help work on one of these features:

    • A very intense combat system.
    • Hundreds of weapons
    • A large, living world

And much, MUCH more...

For applying, contact Codein (AIM=Corsein, MSN= or Pimmeh (AIM= Pimmeh, MSN= See you in Ardeo!

  • April 6th - Zone Wars - Relaunched



We have relaunched the, once very populair Zone Wars planet! Some nice effects and more balance has been added. When your team loses you also get into a winning room now (which is new).

Last week we also released a new weapon in the gelat shop, which is the Assaultpistol. This is a weapon with fast bullets and can be bought for 75 gelats. Next week we plan to release the plasmachaingun, so be there!


  • March 29th - Zone Bots Events

The Events Team can now spawn bots on any planet, which makes it possible to host fun new events. The bots are fast and can avoid bullets, team play is recommended to beat them!

  • March 23rd - Easter Event - Easterhouse


On easter Graalians had to fight evil egg monsters to get new items and a lot of experience! Thanks to Tig and Stephen who developed the easterhouse for us!

  • March 23rd - Project Mythic: Extended Hirings

After the nice input on the server received by players after opening up the little we have on Project Mythic for the LAT hirings, we've decided to open up a few more spots in the staff team.


We are currently accepting applications for the following:

  • Pixel Artists - Your primary objectives would be to help out with tiles, or character equipments, whichever you prefer.
  • Concept Designer - Have great fantasy? Love to draw, using whatever it may be? We are looking for help with designing a quite large castle town, that can't look too repetitive. Possibly accepting applicants for just equipment designing.
  • Level Maker - Still available spots here.


  • Ziro (xXziroXx) - AIM: irxzirox, email/MSN:
  • Angel (Omaster2) - AIM: mShort345, email/MSN:

Oh and, if you can't work in a team, never heard of the GraalEditor, or haven't the slightest clue about what a pixel is - don't bother applying please. Expect the until now delayed PvP duel system to be released within the nearest days as well!

  • March 23rd - Easter Updates

Happy Easter everybody! We have added a Bunny on Zone which you can kill to gain eggs, but which can also kill you! Enjoy the special gifts in the eggs, the new outfits and many more updates to come soon.

Zone easter.png

  • March 15th - Zone Lava Blaster Event

Screenshot lavaevent2.png

New Events: Lava Blaster Event: Try to push the other players into the lava with your blaster! It's a last-man-standing event.

Foot Race Dash: On the snow race map you can now do a dash (like Sonic): Hold S or D, then run and try to avoid hitting walls.

  • March 8th - Project Mythic in need of Level Maker(s)!


Work on Project Mythic, formerly known as Mythic Legends (not the same as the current server with the name though), is moving forward in a fast pace. The server will have some rather 'unique' features, such as:

  • Turn Based Combat
  • Simple, yet effective, NPCs - such as town folks walking around "living their own lives".
  • Dynamic weather, that actually has an effect on the world.

It would be foolish to list too many things, might result in empty promises. Anyways.. we're trying to create a town connected to a castle, with our own custom tiles. What we're looking for, is one or two Level Makers wanting to design the town (tiles needed can be requested by our tile maker), and later on detail it.

If you are remotely interested, feel free to contact one of the following:

  • Ziro (xXziroXx) - email:
  • Angel (Omaster2) - AIM: mShort345
  • Pimmeh (Pimmeh) - AIM: Pimmeh

Related Threads:

Main Thread


  • March 8th - Zone Video Contests Winners Anouncement


Last week the Zone players took part in a video contest, and the best submissions where added to the forums and people could vote for which video they like most. The winners are Lord Conorr, Az and Jesper which got the new Twin Blade weapon as prize.

Watch the videos at

  • March 7th - AEON has opened a world to players

Server aeon.png

AEON has released its classic-themed overworld, Elan: The Faded Nation.

The release of the overworld is accompanied by the release of several systems:

  • A Town Takeover System. Guilds are able to capture Elan's Towns, and receive perks for controlling them.
  • A hunting system. Players can hunt animals and sell their hides for some cash. Higher level hunters can choose more powerful weapons.
  • A mining system. Higher level Miners have an easier time mining. Miners can also purchase better axes. Draisines make it easier for Miners to travel through the mines.
  • An automated Event Bot. Elan offers a variety of events. If an Event Staff is not on, the Event Bot temporarily takes the place of staff.
  • Guild PK Rankings. Guilds can prove they are the best by reaching the top of the Guild PK Rankings.
  • A wide selection of Weapons and Prizes. Shops are scattered throughout the playerworld.

In the works:

  • Guild and Individual Spar rankings

  • March 2nd - Atrius is back!


You can look foward to:

  • Gangs
  • Businesses
  • New Quests with Prizes
  • In-Game Instant Messaging
  • GPS Style Map
  • and much more...

We hope you enjoy the new features and come and play! Enjoy!

-TheJames (Manager of Atrius)

  • March 1st - Utopia is back!

Utopia is currently back from it's "In-Developmental Staff-Only" state. Along with the opening, we've introduced the:

  • New Inside OSL
  • Biz System (Still being developed)
  • Ammo System (All guns)
  • Also, we are hiring:
  • 1-2 NAT's
  • 1-2 GAT's
  • Please hop on and talk to Ork for a job.
  • All for now!
  • Best Regards,
  • Ork
  • Utopia General Manager


  • February 26th - Effects Team Hiring

N-Pulse is now hiring for the Effects Team and the Radio DJ Team! The effects team is made up of people that can make Sound Effects, Ganis, and Particle Scripts. If you are skilled in any of these areas, please come to N-Pulse and PM Stromstedt for further information.

  • February 10th - Day of the Sun

On February 10th Graal Kingdoms hosted the legendary Day Of The Sun! Many Events and Fun at Graal Kingdoms was a rule! At the end of the Day of the Sun all Graalians had to collect some items for the sun so the sun melt the snow! Thanks to all Event Master for 5 Hours permament hosting!


Here are the results of the winners:

  • DesirableDreams=3 Event Coins
  • Ziro_of_the_Turks= 4 Event Coins
  • Alex51= 4 Event Coins
  • protozero= 11 Event Coins/Shield of the Sun
  • roboman43= 1 Event Coin
  • Tigairius= Shield of the Sun
  • superjason5= 3 Event Coins
  • Fishigidande= 3 Event Coins

  • February 7th - Bionic getting ready for Hosted

Bionic screenshot.png

Hello everybody! A lot of people know about Bionic, but for those people that have never heard of us: Bionic is a growing server. We've been doing alot of work to bring forward a brand new server that Graal has never seen before. We have new ways to get Exp. On our server we have a new Exp System, new events, new jobs and how to earn money in different ways than you've ever seen before. Also we have a brand new magic system and are working on a fighting system but we need some help.

We are looking for 1 or 2 NATS, 1 LAT and also 1 Gfx and 1 Gani maker. We have applications made for each department. There is currently no chief for those departments so who knows if u might take those spots in the future, but talk to Rave Platinum (Manager) on the server (MSN, AIM Rave6298).

We hope to see you all soon! We're getting ready to hit Hosted Tab thank you...

  • February 2nd - Zone Jump'n'Run Race

Screenshot jumprace.png

A new event has been added on Zone: the Jump'n'Run Race! Everyone starts at the bottom of the map and must jump onto platforms to get to the top. Only the Blaster and the Gravity Hammer are working here. On the way to the top you can find several moving platforms, baddies and destroyable blocks. A lot of players participated in the events.

We have also updated the Platform map to balance it more. The Events Team can now hold events for guilds and only allow certain weapons for doing melee-only events and similar.


  • January 28th - Classic Dev Update

CLASSIC has started its redevelopment in earnest at last. The Minigame System with Graalian Invaders is back. More games will be following soon. It can be found in a shop in Nimda with high scores being found in Coms Tower.

You also have your choice of tilesets. We've had commands for /system tiles old and /system tiles new. Thor has added /system tiles original. It gives Classic back its more Zelda like look.

DC has also released the fishing pole. It can be found in its usual location in Avalon. Level 2 lure is released at this point.

Jet skis are also back on Avalon as well as in The Joint's spar for those wet spars.

  • January 26th - Zone Platform World

Today we have released something entirely different from what you know about Zone! This Platform world creates a whole new, nice environment for Events. Together with this world we have released a new weapon, the Gravity Hammer. The weapon has 2 different types of usage (melee/shoot) and is available in the Gelat Shop. Special thanks goes to Sayian (SayianOozaru) for creating the graphics of the weapon and Hato (PaperMario) for creating the ganis.

Zone Platform.png

  • January 26th - Symphonia is Hiring!

Symphonia is hiring all kinds of Development positions:

  • 1/2 Scripters
  • 1 Graphic Designer
  • 2 Level Designers

If your type of development isn't there please apply within the server. Or go and view this thread:

Symp screenshot.gif

  • January 19th - Zone Weapons Spar

The Zone events team can now host spar events where only certain weapons are enabled, e.g. melee spars. Expect some fun events this weekend!

Screenshot sparwalk.png

  • January 17th - Zenkou

Zenkou - Closing down on Release


Hey, we all know that Zenkou has been around for ages... "When are they finally going to release?" Well, we have a lot of content as it is but we are in need of more. Zenkou is in need of some new development staff who are willing to help us in our final push for classic. The positions that we are looking for are:

  • 2 Graphics Makers
  • 2 Level Makers
  • 1 Scripter

Log on and contact the staff if you wish to join our dish.

  • January 17th - 10 Years of Graal

Exactly 10 years ago Graal has been started. Thanks to players and developers for staying with us for that long time and enjoying the game. Expect many more exciting things in the future!

  • January 14th - Kingdoms Ghoul Town

GhoulTown small.png

A new town has been released on Crescent Island, Ghoul Town can be found on the small island at the top of Crescent Island. In the Tavern there is a spar upstairs with all the tables and chairs and other interiors of a bar. So you can have a bar brawl or just relax with friends. You can craft weapons and tools in the blacksmiths and cannonballs in the cannonball shop or just visit one of the many houses around the island. There is also some barracks with a large spar and a resting room for pirates.

  • January 12th - Kingdoms Big Event

Screenshot kingdomsbigevent.png

Many players participated in this event - equipped with water cans, pickaxes, scythes and more they followed the hints given by the events masters and searched for hidden objects and characters. After more than two hours the winners of this scavenger event received new items like the belzebub shield.

  • January 12th - Trading Card Winners

The lucky winners of lifetime Gold access for collecting all trading card sets are ... XiLe (trevor987) and Bolivian! Congratulations!

To everyone else: we will give more nice stuff in a few weeks, everyone who has a full card set will have a chance to win rare items or Graal 3D preview access.

  • January 12th - Zone New Spar

The new spar dropship has been released on Zone! It brings back the two spar rooms where you can watch people, adds a new snow spar room and you can also fight against the spar bot again. Have fun and gain a high spar rating by beating players in the spar rooms!

Screenshot zonenewspar.png

  • January 9th - Sunny Ville Needs Help!

Sunny Ville is a new server idea, brought by an Esteria scripter. We are currently hiring:

  • 2 GRAPHICS ARTISTS (you will need to know how to work with other Graphics Artists and how to make a tileset)

For more info on the server, please see:

  • January 5th - Kingdoms Snowman Building Contest

Once again a snowman building contest was hold on Graal Kingdoms, the 10 players who built most snowmen got some special items including event coins. Come see those snowmen or build your own snowman to get a gift box before the snow is melting !

Screenshot snowman2008.png