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  • December 24th - Christmas

Christmas is nearly upon us, and to go with it, the Graal XMAS Gold and VIP accounts have traditionally returned with seasonal items on Graal Kingdoms and Zone. Not only that, but exciting news about the Graal3D dungeons has also arrived! You will soon receive your copy of the GraalOnline Newsletter in your email inbox which contains more details, but if you can't wait, take a look right now at the newsletter!

Happy Holidays and best wishes from the GraalOnline team!

  • December 21th - Graal v4.2

A new client version has been released for preparing Graal3D and the new games section, as well as bringing a lot of fixes for memory leaks and crashes and introducing new scripting functionality.

See v4.2 Release notes.

  • December 17th - Zone Candy Reapers

On Zone you can buy a new weapon the shops: the Candy Reapers! They cost 8k and are almost as powerful as the normal reapers. They are only available until new year. There are also two near hats available in the outfit terminals: the santa hat and the elf hat!

Zone screenshot candyreapers.png

Kingdoms screenshot snow.png
  • December 16th - Kingdoms Christmas

It's snowing on Graal Kingdoms! The valleys are filled with snow again, you will also see the GUI and minimap looking snowy now. Instead of simple snow we have added a complete weather system now though, most work was done by Zero (zokemon). We plan to soon also add snowmen to Graal Kingdoms!

  • December 3rd - Zone Christmas

The christmas decoration is back: decorated trees, sleds and the jingle music are welcoming you on Zone - but don't expect the players to show more mercy when fighting! Several new outfits have been added, including the Santa head.

Zone screenshot santas.png

  • December 3rd - Era Updates

Been updating alot of things, Era's now snowy and the snowmen and the mittons are now released. Be sure to expect a surprize from the snowmen, you'll notice an update within the next couple of weeks. As of now, you can just create them by pushing the snowballs on the floor. Once they're destroyed, you're given a piece of candy.

Also, made two new commands. /suicide /jump

Thanks to Hato for the great Ganis.

Era snakeSnowman.png
  • December 2nd - Zodiac Druid Updates

The Druid class can now learn Wisdom of the Owl, Decree of Leandril, Thorns, Bloom and Drowzy Pollen. Level 50 players with atleast 20 Druid can now access Druid-specific class mastery points.

  • December 1st - GraalX Economy Fix up

We have finally had time to fix up the economy. All job's should be a bit easier to make money on, I tried to equal them out as much but make fishing (being the easiest job) lowest out of all the jobs with making Farming (longest) being top followed by Mining.

You can now sell any bones you collected to a researching company. The collector is currently in the hospital on the second floor. You can only sell one bone (of each person) per hour. So if you have 3 bones of A, and 2 bones of B. After you sell 1 bone of A, and 1 bone of B.. you won't be able to sell the others. You get paid about 0.75$ per bone, it's decent money but is NOT suppost to be a main job but some money for ammo or something. The paid-price is subject to change later on.

Expect some new updates to be released to take money out of the economy, new games / toys, instruments, weapons, music and much more!

--KuJi 00:39, 2 December 2006 (CET)


  • November 26th - GX Improvements

Graal X cars have been released. Currently features 3 different cars you can buy.

Each car has the following abilities:
- Can seat 2 or more (depends on the car)
- Can move forward and backwards.
- Car Chatroom
- Car Horns
- Car Radio
- Car Trunk (5 item storage - no stacking of items)
- Kick players out of the Car

and More!

Gx car-release.png

--KuJi 00:40, 2 December 2006 (CET)

  • November 26th - Era Improvements

Released the new map! You can now choose to view the players in your proximity or not! A new command that's mentioned in the '/help' menu will give you this option! It's recommended that you play around with it. I've also increased the chance of diamonds to appear in the mines and added a position drop on items. If you drop an item that isn't inside the 64 x 64 level area, it'll be deleted. Be warned where you drop your items!

Era newMap.png

  • November 25th - Zone Improvements

On the zone the explosion effect of barrels has been improved to display some particles, also you see a sound-message near the base icon when you or a team member take a base. Events team members now appear as yellow dot on the map.

Zone screenshot basemessage.png Zone screenshot newbarrelexplosion.png

  • November 17th - Zone Box Defence

On Zone you can lift boxes and place them somewhere else to build defences, a good way to protect base one! Once they are placed on the ground they cannot be moved anymore, and need around 25 bullets to explode.

Zone boxes.png

  • November 16th - Era Crabs
Era crabAttack.png

Released the crabs, they attack and drop a new healing item. I'm not too sure if we'll add the crabshells back, not decided just yet. Also fixed the Bamboo Rod, Wooden Bow, Random damage bug (which did two damage). I'm also going to start on the econemy, I've got a few new rights to do so, so expect a few updates on that issue. Richest Player: Celarion $236299. Second Richest Player: shrimps $209366. Third Richest Player: Nubszz $132313. Fourth Richest Player: oXPerFecTioNXo $92220. Fifth Richest Player: papismurf1 $88657. As you can see, it's pretty easy to obtain cash on Era. Anyhow, be sure to expect alot of updates :)

  • November 14th - Era Radio

Radios were released on Era! You can grab one at the Radio Tower which is left of Black Holst, north of unstickme. Listen to some tunes while you pk! Or maybe just tune in for listening pleasure. Submit requests and listen to your favorite songs over the radio! Tune into 85fm - Era Radio to listen to music.

Note: The radio is not hiring any DJs. Do not ask for a station, a temp DJ tag, or whatever, please! Happy listening!

  • November 12th - Maloria Reset

Maloria has had a full reset in order to fix the economy. Everyone has had a fresh start.

  • November 12th - Graal X on hosted tab

Graal X is now officially visible on the serverlist. It is a modern themed server with guns and money.

-- Also would like to add that we will be having some interesting things for release throughout the week. I plan on releasing businesses, cars, gangs, and the radios.

Some Tips: Shift + 1 - > Gang System Shift + 2 - > IRC Chatroom (All Graal X players are joined automatically)

  • November 12th - Era: Quests in development.

Very well indeed, something that has been halted ever since Jenn was deemed Manager of Era, quests! Four quests are now in development. One of them you might know as the popular 'Flak Quest' which has seemed to be one of the hardest quests Era has had. TpH has been fixing up the Flak Quest, but it still contains it's old-Eraish style to it! The baddies were also re-vamped for quest purposes.

That is not the only quest though.. Three other quests are being made, which will be totally new. A ninja quest, a hostage quest, and a PI quest. Yes, a PI quest. Info on these quests are very scarce and still in thought. Nothing is certain so far.

  • November 12th - Era: New event: Chance

A new event called 'Chance' has been dawned to Era! Race around the 8 boxes in the room and when the doors close, hope that your number is not called! But don't worry, if you're box is called you still get to spectate the event! This is all based on luck, a great event to play when you want to try something that isn't so much revolved around skill, but around luck!

Further event updates will consist of a new LMS: Much safer to play in, no more worrying about getting pked before the event even starts! There will be asier access to ATMs and med kits also. Tons of new arenas are also to come with FC-LMS! Beta testing started today, if you have any ideas for events, I will be glad to take them into consideration! -Frankie

  • November 12th - Era's Customization
Era customization.png

You can now customize your chatbar! As you can see, you can move it, change the width and also change it's profile! There are three commands:

chatbar width [vector] --(example: :chatbar width 300)
chatbar profile [color] --(example: :chatbar profile blue)

(Current Colors: Blue, Green, (leave it without a color for default))

chatbar reset --(Reset's the size and profile, reconnect to fix the position)

You can also move your chatbar, simply when the chatbar is visible, right click on it and it should display this message inside the chatbar "//--I can now be moved!--\\" Once you can see this, you can now drag the chatbar while holding down the left mouse button. Expect more fun from Era!

  • November 11th - Era's Rave

TpH created a mini rave where only a few of Era's best players were invited! Myself being amongst the invited, decided to show everyone else that wasn't invited what they missed!

Era Party.png

We've also finished monsters, just need to add guns to them. We've updated various guns, I've updated various things like PyroTech, Business System, Hacking prevention, we're also going to release the radio's this evening. Be sure to expect alot more updates, things to come are a reset, as you'll know it's been planned for a while, but it's gradually being done. I've already finished converting the businesses to a new system, I just need to create the interface. Quests are also expected to come too, so be sure to check out Era in the weeks to come! Have fun playing Era!

  • November 6th - Zodiac Paladin Updates

Paladin can now learn Reverence, Recover, Resist, Expel Evil, Smite, Piercing Light, Light Spear, Blinding Aura, Replusion, and Will of God. Level 50 players with atleast 20 Paladin can now access Paladin-specific class mastery points.

  • November 4th - Zone Kill Display

Kills are now displayed graphically, you see the heads of the attacker and the victim and the weapon used.

Zone screenshot killdisplay.png

  • November 3rd - Graal X Recent Updates

Graal X has been progressing well for the past 4-5 months we have been working on this project. It currently consists of several jobs, games, instruments, weapons, and other fun toys to play with. It also adds some collection to the game to collect "dog tags" which basically show that you have killed someone with a Melee Weapon (Sword or Fist-type weapons). These consists of the players account, a picture of his/her head as well and the killers name. (Will also be used for events, jobs etc..)

We also released bones which are dropped when you kill someone with a gun which will most likely be used to sell for a small "profit" to help people make some money. Stay tuned, as player houses, apartment buildings, and collectible items will be coming soon!

  • 2nd - Era's Halloween!

A tad late due to certain circumstances! None the less, we released a few bats! Thanks to Kinetaro for the graphics, you can now kill bats and when they die, they drop candy! Well, that's if you're lucky. You can also catch rabies from them if you're bitten.

Era batGames.png


  • October 31st - Graal Kingdoms Halloween Masks

Scary Graaloween! A demon pumpkin has been seen in Bomboria, he is killing players who don't wear a mask. The masks can be produced in Harmonia. If you stand in front of the demon pumpkin and the demon is attacking then you might absorb the evil spirit and your mask is transformed into a better one. Read the text on the masks to get the full story.

There are also 3 special masks for VIP players only.

Thanks to Alarid for drawing the graphics.

  • October 29th - Zone: Ghost Rifle and Pumpkin Rifle
Screenshot zone pumpkingun.png

Ghost Rifle and Pumpkin Rifles are available in the shops! They are only for sell over halloween, so get them now! They shoot ghosts and pumpkins using plasma ammo and cost $3000 and $5000. Thanks to Sayian and Draenin for drawing the graphics.

Screenshot zone ghostgun.png

  • October 28th - Graal Kingdoms Halloween

Halloween started on Graal Kingdoms: bats and pumpkins have invaded the islands and give nice items for players who are capable to kill them before they send you to doom. There will be several events where pumpkin lords are joining the battle. We also prepare something special, stay tuned.

  • October 28th - Zone Halloween

If you want to celebrate halloween on Zone, you can buy green and orange pumpkin grenades in the shops! You can keep them as long as you want, but they will only be available in the shops for one week.

  • October 27th - Zodiac

Class Updates: Dark Knight can now learn Blind, Sleep, Shadowguard, Scythe Mastery, Shadow Swipe, Grim Reaper, Nightmare, and Absorb. Level 50 players with atleast 20 Dark Knight can now access Dark Knight class mastery points.

  • October 24th - Zodiac

Class Updates: Ninja can now learn Seal of Fire, Earth, and Water. Ranger can now learn Volley. Level 50 players with atleast 20 Ninja can now access Ninja class mastery points. Level 50 players with atleast 20 Ranger can now access Ranger class mastery points.

  • October 22nd - Endora is BACK!!

Believe it or not it is back, with better nats and more creative ideas, We are currently hiring only Graphics designers and Non-playable characters (NPC) designers, we are looking for talent and lots of it, if you are new to your field, please do not apply. Compose an email to my address if any questions or if applying at Thank you. -Nutos

  • October 21st - Graal Kingdoms Throwing Bombs

When cannonballs are on fire you can pick them up and throw them at monsters or at your enemy. Also throwing pots and snowballs has been fixed.

  • October 15th - Zodiac

Class Updates: Druid can now learn Regenerate. Druid's Sunlight has been changed to a level 20 spell. Those who have already learned it will not lose it.

  • October 7th - Graal Kingdoms Bombs

Cannonballs work as regular bombs now, you can lit them using a torch which is on fire to bomb up monsters or your enemy! They might also be used in future quests and puzzles.


  • September 29th - BomberMad

Play BomberMad! Just click on the games tab on the login server and play against the computer or up to 4 other players. There are different types of bombs, upgrades to the bomb, punch, remote fire and illnesses.

  • September 23rd - Chess

Chess has been added to the games list on the login server. You can play against other players and change the look of the board to either 2D or 3D.

  • September 15th - Tarot

Play the new Tarot card game from the games list! You can either play vs computer (not very intelligent) or with 2, 3 or 4 friends.

Basic rules: There are 21 trumps, one joker, and 4 colors each of 14 cards (1..10,jack (V), cavalier (C),queen (D) and king (R)). You need to play the same color as the played card, or use a trump if you don't have any card of the same color. You can use the joker in any situation.

  • September 15th - Graal v4.11

A new Graal version has been released with extented support for rotating and zooming objects, see more at v4.11 Features.

  • September 8th - Poker Texas Hold'em

The popular poker variant Texas Hold'em has been added to the games (games tab) ! Up to 8 people can play at the same table. Play for virtual coins, gralats or challenge the computer!


  • August 30th - Pool Billiard

A new game is available: Pool Billiard - just click on the Games tab or on the Games World and you can play billiard against the computer or other players, or watch other players playing and chat. There is 8-Ball, 9-Ball, Straight and Snooker.

In all games you can chat while playing against other players now, so it should be more fun.

  • August 28th - Dark Nations Development!

We got our tileset completed and retrieved, so currently, were scripting a few functions, resolving gmap problems and tomorrow were going to start Development of our Overworld tomorrow. Our new overworld is much larger than the old one, so yes, we will be in need of LATs. It is 5 islands. The middle/main island will be used as 'The Hangout', shops,events house, some quests, and Guildhouse locations. The other 4 islands, which surround the middle island will be used for alot of quests and major events ect.

Please come to Dark Nations and look around, test npc's while our staff develope, or to apply for a certain Staff position.

-Matt (Manager)

  • August 27th - Zone Photon Cannon

The photon cannon is a powerful rifle with normal and charged shots. You can buy it now for 18k in the shops!

  • August 27th - Black Dev

Black is a classic and modern server together, there are 3 LAT positions available, along with 2 Gani and room for 1 GAT.


Tryouts only, no exceptions -RW* (Manager)

  • August 27th - Stone Henge Overworld!

Today we've been working on a massive amount of the overworld. Please feel free to check out Stone Henge as we ARE hiring staff specifically LATs. But it's been getting interesting and more baddies have started to be created. -Stan (Manager of Stonehenge)

  • August 27th - Alexia Kingdom Update

Alexia Kingdom has almost become player friendly! We are currently finishing up our OW, and improving our events system! Event prizes and player items will soon be finished as well. Quests also soon to come. Please visit us sometime!

  • August 27th - Niromia's First Event!

On 9.15.2006, September 16th for the decimally challenged, Niromia will be hosting it's first event. Even though we still are a private server we encourage those with Upgraded accounts to come and see what's it's all about. The event will consist of three sub events. 1) Spar/Pk, 2) Scavenger hunt across Sarcartus, 3) Suprise Event. The Grand Winner of the event will get $20 (in real life) I will mail it to the winner. So come on down that day and have some fun! ;o - Omega (Server Admin for Niromia)

  • August 20th - Unholy Nation Spars&Events

UN's brand new 26-level spar complex now includes all different kinds of spars. Its newly featured Spar Ranking systems, to see who has the best win:loss ratio, is accompanied by Spar Rating and Events Wins resets; now the best sparrers and eventers automatically have their statue updated in OSL.

  • August 19th - Zone Wild Cross (CTF)

The Wild Cross planet is back! Capture the flag of the enemy team and bring it to your own base, first team with 5 flags wins. The map has been reduced in size to make it more interesting.

  • August 18th - Zodiac Classic

Zodiac has been moved to the Classic Tab! It's a classic-style RPG-world.

  • August 16th - Zone Alpha Planet

The Alpha planet is back - a pking planet without rules! The planet selection has been improved to display more planets and you can select them via mouse click now.

  • August 11th - Classic Spar

Classic's monthly spar tournament for the month of August is over. Congratulations to Nicholas (Rommiel) for picking up the win.


  • July 27th - Graal version 4.1

This major Graal update brings a new client interface, introducing a new server list and multiplayer flash games. There are also several script improvements, better hacking protection and many bug fixes. We plan to move the client and server update information from the forums to the Graal Bible soon.

  • July 22nd - Kingdoms New Kingdoms-GUI

We have uploaded the new Kingdoms GUI - click on the sword icon near the HP display to open it. The new GUI is easier to use, resizable and makes the editing of ranks and members much easier: in the rank view you can see the members of the rank and easily add or remove members by right-clicking on the member or the rank.

  • July 22nd - Zone Deathmatch Player Display

On the deathmatch map on Zone you see now the participating players and their hitpoints on the leftside of the screen. A maximum of 10 players are displayed so that it doesn't lag in events.

  • July 13th - Downtime

An error occured in the datacenter that hosted the North American servers, they were promptly contacted and the service was restored within a few hours. We apologize for any inconvenience.

  • July 11th - Valikorlia Update

Valikorlia has released a revised system to organize Roleplaying. To learn more about the specific changes, please visit Worlds/Valikorlia's page on the wiki.


  • June 26th - Zone Weapon Stats Modifications

The stats of some weapons have been modified to make them more like they were in v2: KV9, Plasmarifle, Laserforce, Crossbow, AP Ripper, Enhanced Pulsar, R51 and KR-90 have a shorter freezing time, and SMG is slightly more powerful (takes 10 hitpoints instead of 9).

  • June 24th - Graal Kingdoms Soccer Stamina

The soccer/football game displays a stamina bar now: you need to pause from time to time to not exhaust, otherwise you will run very slow. Passing to team members has been improved.

  • June 23rd - Classic Castle Quest

Classic has finally released the Castle Quest! Also The Damage System has gone through major optimizations. The Knife of Fiends and Morpher will be released on July 8th.

  • June 17th - Graal Kingdoms Soccer Team Colors

The Football/Soccer event supports team colors now! Also diagonal shots are faster and passing to team members has been made easier.

  • June 9th - Era: classical updates!

Well, you may notice that we've done quite alot of updates. I'll begin with the Gym, the Gym is back! you can now gain Speed and Strength levels which stick with you on Era for a lifetime! (Never runs out...) Having a greater speed level will increase the speed that you travel, making you run faster! Having a greater strength level will increase the amount of items that you can carry. Currently, there is a cap on these levels. Although it's very hard to get past these levels, we've capped the maximum levels of both to 10. You'll be able to notice the difference you can carry and the speed you travel on each level increase. Finally, we released Dairyhut and Dippin Donuts! These are currently two of many to come food businesses on Era, there is no special eat or die feature, we've decided for the food to just heal your health and cause random effects like Food poison, healing poison and healing your wounds. We've also released a few other businesses such as PPA, Bounty Hunter and PyroTech. Although, they're still needing a few more updates! Be sure to expect a few night clubs, more business types and an overworld increase soon! We've also finished the baddys that shoot guns! a few quests will be released soon hopefully! They're not hard to kill, but if a group of them get to you, lets just say that they will also kill your family! I've decided to mention only a few of the updates on Era! If this makes you tingle inside, log on Era to feel a true shock!

  • June 8th - Classic: Final Spar and PK Ranks for May

Classic ranks were reset mid-month in May to test a new and improved points system. The #1 ranks, Silvercrank and Bloodfeud, recieved 10,000 gelat. Ranks 2-5 recieved 5,000. People who were in the top 10 of both categories also recieved an extra 10,000 gelat.

  • Top 10 Ranked for PKing:
    • Silvercrank: 80062
    • JamieUrlacher: 15280
    • TheMentor: 14717
    • hoss: 14662
    • Shadow87: 10976
    • Soto: 7500
    • Bloodfeud: 6955
    • LOA--Paul: 6295
    • Devine_TK: 6128
    • Blitzxkrieg: 6016
  • Top 10 Ranked for Sparring:
    • Bloodfeud: 4737
    • Kuchinawa: 4523
    • IronHead666: 2763
    • RabbitKing: 2313
    • Intrepid: 1451
    • Cetellic: 1233
    • Brady_Graal: 1171
    • daz2005: 1122
    • likit: 921
    • Devine_TK: 915
  • June 6th - Graal Kingdoms Serverlist Info

The serverlist page for Graal Kingdoms displays some life info now, it shows when an event is going on. We have also worked on the events tool and will soon be able to add new features like global events announcements.

  • June 5th - Graal Event Worlds

We are looking for new Staffs (LATs, GFXT, NATs, etc.), when you want a job or nearly information than write an Email at:

  • June 4th - Atlantis Playermeeting

Players from Atlantis have met near Frankfurt (Main) on a weekend to see how the virtual friends look like, to speak about Graal, the life and play some badminton and billiard. There were already several meetings in the previous years. See some pictures!


  • May 28th - Esteria Systems nearly done!

The Menu, Item, HP and Weapon systems are done! All that has to be made now is a spell system and overworld, which will be done quite soon we hope.

  • May 27th - Graal Kingdoms House Lights

The windows of houses are lighten when someone is inside the house, so it's easier to find other people in the towns.

  • May 19th - Atlantis

Am Samstag den 20. Mai 2006 findet um 18:00 Uhr ein Quiz zum Grand Prix statt!!! Steffen wird es per Mass Messages leiten! Kommt alle zahlreich!

  • May 17th - Delteria

MV Spar Tournaments have returned! Singles are every Wednesday at 8 PM EST and Doubles are on Thursday at the same time.

  • May 17th - Graal Event Worlds

In some weeks we have a very nice homepage, with all new infos/news and all important other things for you. (more detail about the GEW homepage soon)

  • May 8th - Era

It's been hard to detail every single update on Era, so he's a selected few ;)

  • Overworld
    • You'll notice a MASS amount of updates on the overworld. Era has now got a broadway along the coast line. You'll notice alot of new and old buildings and also a new bridge. We'll release more about the overworld at a later date.
  • Items
    • You may have seen the staff walking around with alot of new weapons. You'll soon be able to buy these weapons from random businesses around Era. We have a introduced some new items such as the Bow and the Bamboo rod, some new production items such as the bottles.
  • Staff
    • Well, we've had to remove the gang admin (Sean) due to his absence (we have no idea where he may be). We've still to promote a new gang admin and maybe even a business admin too. We've hired Kinetaro and Dargaro which are both very skilled in the graphical and leveling areas.
  • Businesses
    • You'll notice that alot have come back. Most of the old ones may be auctioned off, we're also planning on introducing alot more new ones too. These will include Hotels, Restauronts and Clubs.
  • Gym
    • We've also introduced the old Gym style back. Instead of a temporary boost, we've made it so you can gain speed levels by running on the treadmill. It's the exact same system before, but we may introduce something new to it too.
  • May 5th - Zone Weapon Info Screen

An info screen is now displaying when equipping a weapon - it shows the type, ammo, number of kills, power and your top stats place if you're in the top 20.

  • May 4th - Classic: Final Spar and PK Ranks for April

For those unaware, the equations for Sparring and PK points were rewritten. The ranks are ordered from most points to least points, and everyone starts out with 0 points. The equation, now finalized, is:

(Loser's points + 1) / (Winner's Points + 1)

  • Top 10 Ranked for PKing:
    • Silvercrank: 22468
    • hishihishi: 15118
    • weetbix: 14927
    • raymi: 14876
    • Vamont75: 14848
    • Angelman: 14831
    • healfeal: 11308
    • yojimbokintoray: 10282
    • Funeedude15218: 10125
    • xzether: 9997
  • Top 10 Ranked for Sparring:
    • Bloodfeud: 408
    • 02illusionco: 400
    • Triptheballer: 383
    • turkydiner: 357
    • Cetellic: 320
    • FatE4U: 311
    • Ness: 295
    • TheMentor: 293
    • 6JaCk9: 292
    • OggMonstah: 289


  • April 22nd - Classic Action System Revised

The only visible improvement is push detection, but anything related to jumping, pushing, pulling, lifting, and throwing is being implemented much differently than it was before. The action system is now integrated into the primary movement NPC. This was the most recent barrier to the completion of the quest in the Graal City Castle dungeon, and the last major barrier.

Other, smaller barriers include the completion of a few baddies, rescripting the chest system, and a few class fixes. I'd expect it to be up in the next week or so, but it could take 3 weeks as I have finals approaching and a big CS project due.

Also, the 2nd of May is approaching, and that's when the players with #1 ranks in sparring and pking will be awarded a prerelease of the Hover Boots, a week before their public release in Destiny Boot Shop. Silvercrank is currently the #1 PKer and Bloodfeud is currently the #1 Sparrer.

  • April 22nd - Zone Guild Wars Improvements

Several glitches have been fixed, the classes were more balanced and you can now throw pipe bombs, taze bombs and gas grenades through doors, so that you can easier kill people hiding in tents.

  • April 17th - Zone Guild Wars Map

A new map has been released on Zone. It is replacing the Zone Wars map and is made for team fight - it ends once a team lost all members or the time runs out.

  • Features:
    • New weapons: lava gun for placing hot lava on the ground, blaster for throwing enemies through the air, dart gun poisoning enemies, grenade launcher for throwing grenades which explode after a few seconds
    • 5 classes which have totally different abilities and goals - e.g. the light powers give you strong plasma sabres, while the engineer class lets you drive Mechs
    • a map with two bases, turrets and a river in the middle
    • a lava cave which use new graphics and particle effects and let you only use melee weapons

We have also added a few other improvements, like displaying explosions on the radar and a new bunny head outfit.

  • April 15th - Graal Kingdoms Easter

All the weekend players were digging for eggs and rabbits. The eggs don't just jump into the inventory anymore though, you need a net from Zehn Village to catch them and trade them in for special easter items, which included a new cloak, shield and bow.

  • April 15th - Easter Egg Hunt Returns to Classic

Easter in 2005 was dominated by Stryker, the GP Admin. He collected an astonishing 3009 Easter Eggs, blowing away the competition. Easter is coming around again. How many do you think you could collect?

Graaleaster 1145148888.png

In addition there may be a possibility of seeing rabid rabbits hopping around hoarding Easter eggs. Want to be the champion of Egg Hunts? Come to Classic: Easter 2006.

  • April 13th - Expanse of Classic

It's been about a week since the overworld was finally expanded for a full mainland, and we're hard at work filling in the space. Since August, the overworld of Classic has expanded more than tenfold, along with the acceptance of player houses to the overworld for the first time in years.

The Destiny Boot Shop is now reopened. They currently have a selection of Opposite Boots, Gravity Boots, and Splash Boots. May 9th is the date set for the sale of the new Hover Boots. However, the top ranks in Spar and PK for the month of April will be able to receive a free pair on May 2nd.

Top PKer on Classic for April thus far: Silvercrank with 6045 points

Top Sparrer on Classic for April thus far: 02illusionco with 196 points (Get sparring people!)

  • April 11th - Era's Updates!

First, we've released the gangs. There's currently 5 gangs on Era. We've got Blazian Bandits, Black Holst, Los Carteles, Morano Family and Terisu Family. You can join a gang by talking to a recruiter of a gang. Every so often we'll be hosting gang wars. Each gang that participates will get a chance to win something big for their gang. This could be a gang weapon to a gang update. We've also released alot more weapons. This includes the gang guns (Sg552, Blazian's M4, Terisu's Katana (Temporary), Morano's Machine Gun. (We're currently waiting for Black Holst's weapon)

The new 'voting' system is now in effect, instead of chatting, you now get the chance to 'rig' the current vote. Hey, just like a real democracy.

Since easter is approaching soon, we've decided to go with something new on Era. We've turned the easter egg's into chocolate that can revive players and also heal them. We've also made the beach an explosion zone. You can dig up Nitro's and P4's from the beach, be warned as they could explode!

We've changed the current 'Start location' around. You'll notice that the mission house has been re-placed. Have fun finding it! (It's not too far from the origional place, hehe) We've also updated the player killing system. You can't recieve damage if you're in a no-pk zone. You can't deal damage if you're in a no-pk zone either. (No more laming at unstick me!) You can't be pushed from that area too!

We've also released a new 'guild chat' system for in-game purposeses. It's now alot easier to contact members of your guild through the new system.


  • March 33rd - Classic's Final Spar/PK Ranks for March

Aside from the server ranks, there are a few things to be looking forward to. The anticipated full-mainland expansion is expected soon. That waterfall I tiled took forever to tile. Quests have been progressing slowly, but not due to my scripting (I've been struck down with illness lately).

There has been tight competition in PK Ranks, not so much for Sparring Ranks. It seems that Krypto92 spars more than most people PK. The equations have been modified to use a quotient of different rank points rather than different ranks. Reason: someone who logs on for the first time and kills the top ranked person could really upset the point balance. This might make April's rank points a bit lower than March's. PK Ranks wouldn't have been affected by this, but the lower ten Spar Ranks may have.

  • PK Ranks (Top 10... for now)
    • 1. Evil_Mistress -37955
    • 2. UnholyLegend -37917
    • 3. Lozlo -37865
    • 4. ChibiTrunkskun -36895
    • 5. Bloodfeud -36460
    • 6. drcatastrophe -36210
    • 7. Silvercrank -35718
    • 8. ira_hayes8 -35671
    • 9. AcidBurns -34706
    • 10. RabbitKing -34442
  • Spar Ranks (Top 10... for now)
    • 1. Krypto92 -16234
    • 2. Huwajux -6670
    • 3. anarchy_x -6206
    • 4. Tykox -5343
    • 5. vinnie546 -4774
    • 6. psychot1k -4004
    • 7. geebo920 -3842
    • 8. rapy0 -3758
    • 9. roarman -3520
    • 10. Bloodfeud -2680
  • March 29th - Era: Updates!

Ready for the amount of updates?

    • Updated the flower shops bouqet prices
    • Updated the seashell prices (You get charged for 1, not 5 now)
    • Released a bounty hunting system
    • Cinderella's calculcated that Yenroy had the most points on Era
    • Added two new cars made by Demisis and Kinetaro
    • Finished Lazer tag (Creating some new tiles/nice new effects)
    • Fixed some lagg (lighteffectsenabled)
    • New weapons under progress (Guns/Bombs/Ammo)
    • New Event Items (Glowsticks/Signs)
    • New business updates (Can customize your business with the help of an admin)
    • Better detection to staff abuse (Kazuko >.>)

I think that's all so far. Have fun Eraqis

  • March 28th - Graal Event Worlds: WORK, WORK, WORK!

We gfx, build and script 24 hours a day since 4 months, but now we think that we are finished soon!

  • March 22nd - Era: Updated Tileset!

Era's once again been updated, this time it's the tileset. We've added alot more tiles onto the current tileset, this means we can improve the area's on Era with fancy new tiles.

  • March 19th - Era: Cinderella!

The quest is on to find who the best player on Era is! Era's designed a script that calculates up all of the player's achivements (The amount of kills a player has killed, the amount of letters a player has delivered etc). The winner will be anounced on Era in a week's time. The winner shall recieve a few prizes. Cinderella aka 'the calculator' is located on Era. You must find her to be able to enter the competition. Have funky fun eraqis!

  • March 18th - Era: New Staff!

After reviewing applications the new Era Staff have been chosen!

    • Kazuko (GP) [NewFoundCrisis]
    • Etrican (LAT) [etrican]
    • Mange (LAT) [shotoo2]

Congrats to these people and thank you to all who tried out!

  • March 17th - Era: The Style Saver and Patricks Day
    Era stylesaverpday.png

The style saver has returned! It only costs $300 and you can cary an infinate amount of slots. The style saver saves

    • Players Head
    • "" Body
    • "" Shield
    • "" Clothes (Shoe color, belt color etc)

We've alse done a mini event for Saint Patricks Day, there's an NPC on the Era overworld that will give you a special hat. Have fun!

  • March 11th - Graal Classic: The Famous Yellow Mug

That yellow mug that you remember to be larger than your head has made its infamous return, now available at Graal City Restaurant for a mere 20 gelat. The old time effects are included-- as well as new ones. They depend only on how much of it you may drink.

In addition, I just reintegrated the movement system a bit. It should behave a little bit more effectively now, particularly the parts when the player's standing, or at supposed to be standing still. If you notice any new bugs, please contact a member of the administration.

  • March 8th - Graal Kingdoms: Soccer

A complete new Soccer game has been added on the events island! You can pass, lob, tackle to steal the ball and jump to block the ball. It is also showing where the ball is. There will be official soccer events soon.

  • March 8th - Classic: CTF Tournament

Classic's CTF Champion's Tournament! A Capture the Flag tournament is being put together on the Classic server and anyone can enter! Just get together teams of 4 people, have one person from each team send account names of each person on the team as well as a team name to Each person can only be on one team. If you're from another server send contact information as well. Thank you.

Era serverlister.png
  • March 5th - Era

The serverlist info has been improved, it now displays the current activities on Era:

    • The current event being hosted
    • The player with the highest shooting range score
    • The player that has won the most blackjack games without loosing
    • This weeks lottery money

  • March 1st - Graal Classic: Final Ranks for February

newCappa finished first in PK. Bloodwork finished first in Spar.

I decided that I would not release all ranks and rank points for February since the system has only been up for a week, and also because the equation for PK points has now been simplified. Still, I wouldn't want the highest ranked to go unrecognized.

Now I must write a program that will rewrite the ranks in HTML for me. Meanwhile, I hope you all enjoy fighting your way to the top on Classic. jake13jake

  • March 1st - Graal Kingdoms: Spells fixed

A few flaws in the spell system have been fixed so that the spells are not overpowered anymore, but still take a good amount of hitpoints. Also the forked lightning is actually forking now, making it possible to hit a wider area.


  • February 26th - Classic: New Systems Update

Several minor bugs have been removed from movement and hit detection. The AP bar has been readded to the GUI as well. PK and Spar Ranks from the initialization of the rank database which occured a few days ago will be published on the first, and the incrementation of PK ranks will be rewritten thereafter. Ranks will continue to be reset and published on the first of every month.

The Current Top 5 Accounts in PK: evil_tiger, onewingedman09, Clonedroid, BiGPiMpiN313, TimUrlacher

The Current Top 5 Accounts in Spar: sausage_rolo, yxcvb, soulwazza, r3dbow, Schleuse

Honorable Mention: Renowned Sparrer/PKer Exodus (playared) ranks 6th in PK Ranks.

Further Description of Ranks: Ranks are based on Rank Points. A player does not have access to their rank points, but it is the basis on which the ranks are sorted. Upon the player killing someone, that player's rank points increase by their rank divided by the other's rank (1 being the highest rank). Therefore, it makes sense to Spar and PK more often, and to Spar and PK with people of higher ranks.

It is also planned to add the following chat commands:

"/showrankpk", "/showrankpk account"

"/showrankspar", "/showrankspar account"

  • February 26th - Maloria Events Discount

Winning events will now get you a discount on Event Items. You can read more about it on the Maloria website.

  • February 25th - Classic Gets an Overhaul

What's New?

-AP System Returns: Yes, it's pretty much the same that we had before the NPC server. The only difference is that saints lose 5 AP when they simply hit someone.

-Spar Rating Returns: Yes, it's pretty much the same that we had before the NPC server.

-New Rank Database for PK and Sparring Ranks: Discover who is truly the best.

-New Key Codes have been added

F: focuses the selected player on the playerlist. Say "/key focus #" to change.

C: toggles the camera mode. Say "/key camera #" to change.

C+Click: changes the camera mode to static (as to where you clicked).

N: toggles the nickname view. Say "/key nicks #" to change.

R: show's ratings (not so new, but upgraded a bit). Say "/key ratings #" to change.

Wherever you see #, you can use any character or letter.

-New Movement System: The new movement system is much cleaner than the movement system it is replacing, and arguably cleaner than the default movement system.

-New Hit Detection System: The new hit detection system is also much cleaner than the hit detection system it is in the process of replacing. It has been called "The best serverside hit detection ever made," by a programmer from New Hampshire.


  • February 25th - Maloria

Tralitai won Nation Wars today, and has won their Nation Shield. The next Nation Wars will be on March 4th.

All nations have recieved special rings that can be worn by any member.

A new katar (Ancient Katars) has been released.

  • February 24th - New Kingdoms spell system and new Bomboria

The spell system has been redone on Graal Kingdoms - all spells are working now and are more effective. You can cast by mouse and easily target enemies. Watch the Spells Guide for more information.

We have also redone the starting tasks, they are now taking part in New Bomboria, which is bigger now and divided into an east, central and west part. New players can directly get in contact with the existing player base and the starting tasks have been improved to work better and can be mouse driven.

As a special bonus we have also improved the effects for hitting enemies or failing (only hitting their armour).

Login server newmain.png
  • February 21th - Graal Bomy Lands Opened

Graal Bomy Lands, previously known as "Graal: Bomy Moon" and before Graal2001 has been reopened!

  • February 19th - Events List improved

The F1 window has been improved and contains buttons that lead to the Graal Bible and Graal Forums now, and you can click on the server names in the events announcements to directly login to the servers.

  • February 18th - Maloria

Nation Wars

Nayfle won Nation Wars today. The next Nation Wars will be held on Saturday, February 25th at 1PM EST.

New Event

A new underwater race event has been released. Be sure not to drown during it!

  • February 17th - Graal v4.04 release

A new Graal version has been released which fixes many problems with particle effects, adds several new scripting functions for sounds and gives new options for disabling light effects and similar. Players who are still using v2 should switch now.

Era shootingrange.png
  • February 17th - Era

Shooting range was re-added. The Shooting range costs 30$ to play, it's located next to the business 'I-Meph'. Your final score counts as cash, (finalscore * 1.75).

  • February 15th - Maloria

Nation Wars will be held at 1 PM EST on Saturday, February 18th.

  • February 11th - Delteria

Halo won the weekly Delteria Spar Tournament. Reminder that this event is held weekly on Saturday night around 9:45 P.M. EST.

Era shooting.png
  • February 6th - Era

Shooting system

The new 'damange' system has been implemented on Era. The Eraqis of Era will be able to see how much damage they recieve, how much damage they deliver and if they can be hurt or not.

Era sewers.png

New Sewers

The sewers have been released! The Eraqis of Era will be able to reach certain locations alot faster!

  • February 5th - Maloria Nation Wars

Nayfle won Nation Wars today. The next scheduled Nation Wars will be Saturday, February 11th, 2006. 1 PM EST.

  • February 4th - Classic

Sister Gertrude's Orphanage

Due to popular demand, we have brought back Sister Gertrude's Orphanage (the old newbie house). You wouldn't expect it to have been replaced into such an odd location though. Many people have asked me, "Why in the world did you put it on the side of a cliff?" We actually plan to have it serve as the entrance to Mount Sylphia's southern cave system, which will eventually get you to Snow Town.

New GC Prizes

The Game Coordinators have come up with several new prizes. The list is: Stone Form, Entertainer, Neo Poly Trail, GC Studios Pass, and the GC Lottery Ticket.

Graal Castle Quest

The dungeon quest for Graal Castle has delayed release until the new movement and damage systems are released. I would like to apologize for this. Most of the problems faced are damage system related.

Camera System

If there is still anyone that is unaware, there is one part of all the system work that has been done that has already been released. The camera system. It is planned to add a keyboard toggle in the new movement systems. But, for right now, the commands are:

/camera chase (camera lags behind the player when moving)

/camera spectate (enables the arrow keys to change the focus, goes anywhere within a single level)

/camera static (keeps the camera in a single location, clicking on the level while saying this will change the location)

/camera (any /camera command that doesn't exist will switch back to default)

/focus account (changes the camera's focus to the account specified)

/focus self (guarantees returning the camera's focus to the player)

Further Overworld Expansion

We have started work on bringing back several towns. These include Babord, Avalon, and Destiny. We also have plans to bring back MoD town, though not as immediately as the former. With the release of the new gscript2 movement system and Destiny, the Opposite Boots and Gravity Boots will once again be available.

  • February 4th - Graal Kingdoms Spring

The grass is back, we have spring on Graal Kingdoms! There is a new fresh tileset now.

There were also smaller improvements, the mine carts have been fixed, and the player shops display with a different icon on the map now.

Era phonebox.png
  • February 3rd - Era


alexOWNZu won the lottery and received $7511! This weeks tickets are for sale right now at the OSL.


The phones on Era were released. To make a call, type in a number in your chat bar (911), and then grab the phone. It doesn't cost any $ to make a call.

You can find the phones all over Era, in businesses, on the streets.

  • February 1st - Era's Blackjack
Era blackjack.png

Blackjack was released on Era, instead of having to type in the options 'Hit' and 'Stay', it's now mouse controlled. If you're able to beat the dealer, you'll obtain a prize of 5 to 10$.

Blackjack can be found in the Casino above the Era Mall.


  • January 28th - Graal Kingdoms Spell Improvements

Spell casting has been improved to easily target objects or cast the spell into the direction of the mouse - when you press S or cast a spell via hotkey then it is aiming to the position of the mouse or the object below the mouse.

  • January 25th - New Serverlist

We hope that you enjoy the new serverlist which shows pictures of the servers instead of plain text! The text and pictures can easily be exchanged.

  • January 22nd - Era Auction House

The auction house is back again! There is also an extension to the CTF event - a new Roof Tops map!

Kingdoms cloaks.png
  • January 20th - Graal v4 Bug Fixes

A new version is up, with major bug fixes for Intel cards, so bitmap fonts, minimap icons and particle effects should work now. Of course there are also several other bug fixes and script improvements. Mac players please use this link since the auto-updater was bugged: Graal4.dmg.bz2

  • January 19th - New Remote Control

Download the new RemoteControl via the Update tab! Admins can now watch and edit profiles, open several script windows, use global chat and use the new banning.

  • January 15th - Kingdom Cloaks

The cloaks are released! The cloak shop is in the igloo town, you will need yarn which you get by doing recipes. For learning those recipes find the wizards and witches on the kingdoms islands and bring them the items they need.
The cloaks are giving different resistances and will change your look completely!