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This article is related to the Graal Online news. The latest news can be found on the News page, the login server of the graal client or on the Graal Online website and is managed and controlled by the Global News Team. If you need help with the news please visit the Graal News and the News Guidelines pages.


These are the official guidelines set by the Global News Team for posting news articles on the graal bible. The guidelines are set to to bypass technical problems and to ensure better production and quality of news. All news articles must comply with these guidelines before it can be uploaded to the login server.

Writing Style



Please do not use the colour '#000000' within any of the images for the news. This colour is used by default for settings transparency on the Windows graal client and will set all objects with the colour '#000000' to transparent after it has been uploaded to the login server.

Minus signs

Image names must not contain minus signs (-) or it will cause problems with the uploading system to the login server.

Playerworld Guidelines


The server must have a good amount of content and a clear direction for news to be posted. This is to prevent Under Construction Playerworlds with little to no content posting news for server hiring and to ensure the news is of a better quality and more interesting to read.

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