Graal Communication Center

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The Graal Communication Center (GCC) is the official forum of GraalOnline.


The forum is currently divided into General Forums, Graal V5 Forums, Gold Servers, PlayerWorlds, and Development Forums.

Moderators moderate one or more individual subforums or a whole forum section. Some subforums are not moderated directly, and more interesting ones are overseen by multiple moderators. The most frequent high-level moderators are Sam and Moon Goddess. Moon Goddess is always there, and makes sure her presence is known, while Sam sneaks stealthily in the shadows and ninja-moderates posts and disappears again.


As of July 2008, Unix opened the forums up to everyone who had a subscription (Classic included)thus increasing the forum's community.

It is against the GCC:Rules of the forums to post messages from or for non-members of the forums. This is to prevent Account sharing, which was very common in the forum's past and arguably had a negative influence on the motivation to buy a Gold account.