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Graal Event Worlds

Welcome on the Information Site from and about "Graal Event Worlds".

After the new Version of Graal (V4), follows the new Eventserver with seperate Systems, that would like to give an understanding of this new Version from Graal. You can do Events, working on the Crazy Farm with Monsterplants, play Jokerman, and so on (more Information soon!)

When we ware finish? We do not know that *lol*

Staff Team


Current Owner: Celestrial

Acc.: Celestrial

Ihr könnt ihn erreichen unter:

2nd Owner: Admin-Playerworld137

Acc.: Admin-Playerworld137

Ihr könnt ihn erreichen unter:

  • MSN: Kommt später
  • Email: Kommt später
  • PM


1st Management: Jack Jasra

Acc.: Megamas

2nd Management: Björn

Acc.: PhoeniX666

3rd Management: Zeo

Acc.: mean_tedy_bear

LAT (Level Adminstration)

Current Chief:


Can be contacted through:

  • MSN:
  • Email:
  • PM

NAT (Scripts)

Current Chief:

GFX (Graphics)

Current Chief:


Can be contacted through:

  • MSN:
  • PM

You will be Staff on GEW?

Currently we are looking for

  • GAT
  • GFX

write an Email at: [email protected]

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