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  • September 25th - Era (PC): Upcoming Updates

Era is currently preparing major updates for the server. The following are the updates will be released in the coming weeks:

  • Gang System: There will be a requirement that all gangs who wish to remain active must maintain a minimum amount of points each week. In addition to that, a gang points shop will be added with the ability to purchase items or other add-ons. Special bases will be added with unique features to make them beneficial to the gangs who own the base.
  • Jobs: Current jobs will be balanced to make them fair to every player. Along with the balancing of jobs, two new jobs will be created: fishing and farming.


  • Translations: The existing translations on the server will be expanded, which will help to increase involvement from players around the world.
  • Tutorial: An optional tutorial will be implemented for new players.

An improved GMAP is also being worked on and is expected to be ready before New Year.

  • September 17th - Era (iPhone): New Guns and Events

Recently we've added a lot of new weapons, and the mystical Cronos appeared! Also check out the new events: car dodge, lazer tag and new races!

  • September 17th - Classic (iPhone, Facebook) got Tournaments, Railroads and RPS

While working on improving the Facebook version of Classic we have also added new railroads to travel through Classic, and added Rock-Paper-Scissors to challenge your friends! We are working on new areas and plan to release them soon.
The first two Guild Spar Tournaments have been won by the guild US, congratulations!

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