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  • September 28th - Era - Spar System Updates


The Era staff team has recently released a new spar complex. The new spar complex features leaderboards, trophies, personal stats, and champions. Log on Era and visit the Spar Complex to try out the new spars!

  • September 20th - Graal Kingdoms - Ship Marathon


This Sunday, September 20th, at 6:00 PM EST contestants will be challenged to race around the kingdom islands.

The swiftest on the high seas will get a grand prize to celebrate their victory. Be sure to take part, prepare some time, and study your sea charts. Who knows, you might be expected to navigate some rivers along the way.

The race authorities have decided to hold a test race after the main race. This race will have small prizes and is intended to experiment with races where combat is allowed. The results will be use to improve future events.

  • September 11th - Graal Kingdoms - Iscariot's Birthday Spar


Around 17:00 server time, on September the 15th. There will be a ladder style spar on Graal Kingdoms with grand prizes in celebration of Iscariot's Birthday. Come join in the fun and win yourself a Birthday treat! Please come early to register. For more details click here.

  • September 10th - Playerworld Previews

Playerworld previews allow under construction playerworlds to apply for the hosted servers section as a preview status for approximately 30 days. Hosted playerworlds have enough content and development for at least 2 hours of gameplay, however the preview playerworlds are still under heavy development and are barely playable being aimed towards the development community in an effort to gain developmental support for the servers.

The first server to be released for preview is the long awaited Maloria which has been under development to improve the quality and production of the playerworld.

If you think your server qualifies please contact the Playerworld Administration Team through the support center or for more information on playerworld previews click here.

  • September 7th - Zodiac Updates

Zodiac has been anything but quiet lately. While Zodiac's V2 updates have slowed down, there have still been some releases on Zodiac. Random events are being hosted off for the new Avenger class, and the Lumina Rod and the Feral rod have also been hosted off. The lumina rod and the feral rod don't drop, but they are planned in the next update to the pyramid, so be prepared!


  • September 4th - Graal Kingdoms Ranging Event


There's a new kind of spar coming to town this Sunday at 6:00 PM EST. In the past it's been a little bonus at the end of larger spars but now it's the main attraction! It's time for the archers of the land to grab their bows and crossbows, shake off the dust, ready their arrows, and prepare for a ranged battle.

  • September 1st - Global Development Team

The Global Development Team is an official group of GraalOnline developers focusing efforts towards development areas providing resources and documentation to improve the quality and standards of Graal development. In addition the Global Development Team will also provide information and support for all developmental questions either on the GraalOnline forums and at the IRC channel #graaldt on

If you are interested in joining or want more information on the duties and responsibilities of the Global Development Team click here.

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