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  • November 26th - GX Improvements

Graal X cars have been released. Currently features 3 different cars you can buy.

Each car has the following abilities:
- Can seat 2 or more (depends on the car)
- Can move forward and backwards.
- Car Chatroom
- Car Horns
- Car Radio
- Car Trunk (5 item storage - no stacking of items)
- Kick players out of the Car

and More!


--KuJi 00:40, 2 December 2006 (CET)

  • November 26th - Era Improvements

Released the new map! You can now choose to view the players in your proximity or not! A new command that's mentioned in the '/help' menu will give you this option! It's recommended that you play around with it. I've also increased the chance of diamonds to appear in the mines and added a position drop on items. If you drop an item that isn't inside the 64 x 64 level area, it'll be deleted. Be warned where you drop your items!


  • November 25th - Zone Improvements

On the zone the explosion effect of barrels has been improved to display some particles, also you see a sound-message near the base icon when you or a team member take a base. Events team members now appear as yellow dot on the map.

Image:Zone_screenshot_basemessage.png Image:Zone_screenshot_newbarrelexplosion.png

  • November 17th - Zone Box Defence

On Zone you can lift boxes and place them somewhere else to build defences, a good way to protect base one! Once they are placed on the ground they cannot be moved anymore, and need around 25 bullets to explode.


  • November 16th - Era Crabs

Released the crabs, they attack and drop a new healing item. I'm not too sure if we'll add the crabshells back, not decided just yet. Also fixed the Bamboo Rod, Wooden Bow, Random damage bug (which did two damage). I'm also going to start on the econemy, I've got a few new rights to do so, so expect a few updates on that issue. Richest Player: Celarion $236299. Second Richest Player: shrimps $209366. Third Richest Player: Nubszz $132313. Fourth Richest Player: oXPerFecTioNXo $92220. Fifth Richest Player: papismurf1 $88657. As you can see, it's pretty easy to obtain cash on Era. Anyhow, be sure to expect alot of updates :)

  • November 14th - Era Radio

Radios were released on Era! You can grab one at the Radio Tower which is left of Black Holst, north of unstickme. Listen to some tunes while you pk! Or maybe just tune in for listening pleasure. Submit requests and listen to your favorite songs over the radio! Tune into 85fm - Era Radio to listen to music.

Note: The radio is not hiring any DJs. Do not ask for a station, a temp DJ tag, or whatever, please! Happy listening!

  • November 12th - Maloria Reset

Maloria has had a full reset in order to fix the economy. Everyone has had a fresh start.

  • November 12th - Graal X on hosted tab

Graal X is now officially visible on the serverlist. It is a modern themed server with guns and money.

-- Also would like to add that we will be having some interesting things for release throughout the week. I plan on releasing businesses, cars, gangs, and the radios.

Some Tips: Shift + 1 - > Gang System Shift + 2 - > IRC Chatroom (All Graal X players are joined automatically)

  • November 12th - Era: Quests in development.

Very well indeed, something that has been halted ever since Jenn was deemed Manager of Era, quests! Four quests are now in development. One of them you might know as the popular 'Flak Quest' which has seemed to be one of the hardest quests Era has had. TpH has been fixing up the Flak Quest, but it still contains it's old-Eraish style to it! The baddies were also re-vamped for quest purposes.

That is not the only quest though.. Three other quests are being made, which will be totally new. A ninja quest, a hostage quest, and a PI quest. Yes, a PI quest. Info on these quests are very scarce and still in thought. Nothing is certain so far.

  • November 12th - Era: New event: Chance

A new event called 'Chance' has been dawned to Era! Race around the 8 boxes in the room and when the doors close, hope that your number is not called! But don't worry, if you're box is called you still get to spectate the event! This is all based on luck, a great event to play when you want to try something that isn't so much revolved around skill, but around luck!

Further event updates will consist of a new LMS: Much safer to play in, no more worrying about getting pked before the event even starts! There will be asier access to ATMs and med kits also. Tons of new arenas are also to come with FC-LMS! Beta testing started today, if you have any ideas for events, I will be glad to take them into consideration! -Frankie

  • November 12th - Era's Customization

You can now customize your chatbar! As you can see, you can move it, change the width and also change it's profile! There are three commands:

chatbar width [vector] --(example:  :chatbar width 300)
chatbar profile [color] --(example:  :chatbar profile blue)

(Current Colors: Blue, Green, (leave it without a color for default))

chatbar reset --(Reset's the size and profile, reconnect to fix the position)

You can also move your chatbar, simply when the chatbar is visible, right click on it and it should display this message inside the chatbar "//--I can now be moved!--\\" Once you can see this, you can now drag the chatbar while holding down the left mouse button. Expect more fun from Era!

  • November 11th - Era's Rave

TpH created a mini rave where only a few of Era's best players were invited! Myself being amongst the invited, decided to show everyone else that wasn't invited what they missed!

We've also finished monsters, just need to add guns to them. We've updated various guns, I've updated various things like PyroTech, Business System, Hacking prevention, we're also going to release the radio's this evening. Be sure to expect alot more updates, things to come are a reset, as you'll know it's been planned for a while, but it's gradually being done. I've already finished converting the businesses to a new system, I just need to create the interface. Quests are also expected to come too, so be sure to check out Era in the weeks to come! Have fun playing Era!

  • November 6th - Zodiac Paladin Updates

Paladin can now learn Reverence, Recover, Resist, Expel Evil, Smite, Piercing Light, Light Spear, Blinding Aura, Replusion, and Will of God. Level 50 players with atleast 20 Paladin can now access Paladin-specific class mastery points.

  • November 4th - Zone Kill Display

Kills are now displayed graphically, you see the heads of the attacker and the victim and the weapon used.


  • November 3rd - Graal X Recent Updates

Graal X has been progressing well for the past 4-5 months we have been working on this project. It currently consists of several jobs, games, instruments, weapons, and other fun toys to play with. It also adds some collection to the game to collect "dog tags" which basically show that you have killed someone with a Melee Weapon (Sword or Fist-type weapons). These consists of the players account, a picture of his/her head as well and the killers name. (Will also be used for events, jobs etc..)

We also released bones which are dropped when you kill someone with a gun which will most likely be used to sell for a small "profit" to help people make some money. Stay tuned, as player houses, apartment buildings, and collectible items will be coming soon!

  • 2nd - Era's Halloween!

A tad late due to certain circumstances! None the less, we released a few bats! Thanks to Kinetaro for the graphics, you can now kill bats and when they die, they drop candy! Well, that's if you're lucky. You can also catch rabies from them if you're bitten.


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