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  • July 27th - Graal version 4.1

This major Graal update brings a new client interface, introducing a new server list and multiplayer flash games. There are also several script improvements, better hacking protection and many bug fixes. We plan to move the client and server update information from the forums to the Graal Bible soon.

  • July 22nd - Kingdoms New Kingdoms-GUI

We have uploaded the new Kingdoms GUI - click on the sword icon near the HP display to open it. The new GUI is easier to use, resizable and makes the editing of ranks and members much easier: in the rank view you can see the members of the rank and easily add or remove members by right-clicking on the member or the rank.

  • July 22nd - Zone Deathmatch Player Display

On the deathmatch map on Zone you see now the participating players and their hitpoints on the leftside of the screen. A maximum of 10 players are displayed so that it doesn't lag in events.

  • July 13th - Downtime

An error occured in the datacenter that hosted the North American servers, they were promptly contacted and the service was restored within a few hours. We apologize for any inconvenience.

  • July 11th - Valikorlia Update

Valikorlia has released a revised system to organize Roleplaying. To learn more about the specific changes, please visit Worlds/Valikorlia's page on the wiki.

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