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Linux Cyberjoueurs is the French game design company that created Graal. The general manager of the company is Stephane Portha.


Graal started 1998 with the creation of a Java game called Zelda Online. The name and content was changed soon after to Graal while the basic concepts were kept, but brought to a new dimension called Online Gaming. Their main source of revenue was advertising money gained by displaying banners on PM windows on the Graal client until early 2001 when Graal Bomy Lands was released. Soon after a new service was introduced allowing players and developers to create their own Playerworld. Besides Graal2D Linux Cyberjoueurs is also pursuing an enigmatic project known as Fairyland, and is working on Graal3D.

Contact Information

Address: 21 rue de F├ęcamp 75012 Paris France

See Also

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